Madison Capital Investment M and A Award

Madison Street Capital is a company in the United States, it was beginning to enable entrepreneurs to build successful businesses as well as join hands to support all those people affected by various calamities. The primary policy of the company is to treat all clients with integrity and without being bias. Over the years Madison Street Capital has developed establishing numerous offices in Alexandria, Virginia. The company has aligned with other partners including the government agencies, various financial institutions, voluntary neighbors, schools among others to share resources and create a better world. In 2008, Madison and its partners launched the 10-year project that aims at helping various families get employment, provide education services as well as founding members of the community to take them back to their previous financial status. This initiative will transform the lives of many people.

To ensure that all the set goals and policies of the company are met, there is a team of experts hired with extensive experience. They help clients at the individual level by formulating the appropriate capitalization structure to meet the client’s specifications. Madison professionals ensure that all clients’ needs and interests are met hence reduce economic dependency by providing the necessary financial advice. Some of the services offered by a team of experts at Madison include;

  • Restructuring services
  • Middle marked and banking advice
  • Corporate services
  • Private equity buy side and sell side services
  • M and A services for all Hedge funds
  • Business valuation
  • Financial opinions
  • Financial reporting and analyzing


The company serves a wide range of clients hence gaining fame across the globe. Madison Street Capital Reputation has led to the company being awarded a Turnaround M and A Deal for being at the top at giving financial advice. The award was worth over $25MM to almost $50MM. The award was made possible after the team of experts at Madison worked together to advice various prominent companies. Such companies include Sachs Capital that aligned with Virgo Capital and Merion Investment partners. The three companies have achieved much after Madison Capital Investment professionals led by Barry Petersen the managing director provided with well-planned financial advice. Madison team provided with debt settlement ideas that worked very well. Charles Botchway is the CEO Madison Capital Investment he shares his gratitude to all his employees who worked for hand in hand to oversee completion of the transaction. He also promised that the company would continue solving complex transactions for all its clients.


Madison Company emerged at the top having competed with more than 275 companies. The judgment for the award was conducted by an independent jury that entails experts for this sector; this win was therefore not biased in any way. The awards are to be presented at a Black Tie gala which will be held this year.


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Flavio Maluf Favors FiscalIncentive Laws

Flavio Maluf, President of Eucatex, stresses the need for tax incentive programs and discusses the benefits for companies. By approving Fiscal Incentive Laws, companies will have the opportunity to direct a portion of their taxes to foster the economic and social development of the country. Social, cultural, sporting, technological, scientific research and health programs could be funded and benefit society. Flavio Maluf feels this will promote strategic spending of money earmarked for taxes by companies. Maluf emphasizes that having the opportunity to build a positive image by associating its name with a social, cultural or sports project is a benefit tax incentive programs will provide. This may represent a financial saving in the advertising industry of the venture. Visit his website to learn more.

The proposed legislation would include regional tax incentives where benefits are granted to businesses in certain regions. This promotes the development of the Western Amazon.

Mulaf also points out that the public administration can grant industry-specific incentives. This could work to stimulate a specific industry or particular economic activity. Incentives in the form of tax reductions, exemptions, and compensation allow companies to invest in operations and generate jobs moving the economy of the sector. Information technology, infrastructure, export companies, aerospace, port, agricultural, and audiovisual structures are examples of fields that would benefit from incentive laws.

Fiscal programs and incentives vary by state and can be federal, state or municipal. In order to take advantage of the incentives, a company must be taxed based on real profit. “If the company collects taxes for presumed or arbitrated profit, or opting to use the Simples Nacional, it is not able to use this type of incentive,” says Maluf.

Flavio Maluf has a mechanical engineering degree and over four decades of industry experience within his company Eucatex, a wood fiber lining company. In 1997 he succeeded his uncle as president of the enterprise.

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Edwin Miranda

The Three Marketing Strategies Edwin Miranda Swears By

Edwin Miranda is the CEO of KOI IXS. He believes that technology and innovation is the key to moving your brand forward regardless of what your company is promoting.

1) The first thing a brand needs is content marketing, according to Edwin Miranda. It does not matter what the shape or size of your business is, you still need content to drive your brand. The content has to be better than good. It has to be relevant and worthwhile to keep your audience interested in what you offer. The content has to fuel your brand starting with the digital aspects and ending with the social media outlets.

2) Did you know that according to Edwin Miranda artificial intelligence has been deployed to further the research needed to target the right people. AI targets specific infographics and demographics. That way your company will know who is interested in what and when. Edwin Miranda believes that the use of AI tools have increased and will continue to do so over the course of the next few years. That is why your brand needs to start using these tools, according to Edwin Miranda. These tools can help your company get ahead of the competition and know what is coming next. Why not beat a person to the punch?

3) Email strategies are still used, according to Edwin Miranda. There is something about an email that people respond to. Most people do not respond to paper mail advertisements anymore. They simply throw the paper away. There is something that captures a person’s attention with an email, especially if you add in things like video content or imaging. It is something to think about as you move forward with your brand this year.

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Wes Edens born Wesley Robert Edens Businessman/Philanthropist

In 1987, Wes Edens joined forces as a partner and director with Lehman Brothers Holdings, known for its global investment banking services. Lehman Brothers were once noted for being the fourth largest investment bank in the U.S.

In 1993, Edens signed on at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc a subsidiary of the BlackRock Inc, known worldwide in investment management, with over $5.98 trillion in asset management, It was there at BlackRock Financial when Wes Edens founded the equity fund, BlackRock Asset Investors.

By 1998, Edens joined forces along with Peter Lionel Briger, Jr., Now President and Co-Chairman of Fortress Credit, Hedge fund manager Michael Edward Novogratz, Randal (Randy) Nardone, and businessman/racecar enthusiast Rob Kauffman to form the world-renowned Fortress Investments LLC, which at today’s standards has about $42.1 billion in asset management. Read more on

In 2014 Edens founded the New Fortress Energy Company.

In 2014, Edens partnered up with the billionaire hedge fund manager Marc Lasry in the purchase of the national basketball team Milwaukee Bucks.

In 2017, Edens along with his four partners sold Fortress Investments for $3.3 billion in cash to the Japanese holding conglomerate SoftBank Group.

In 2018, Edens along with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris joined forces to purchase a majority stake in the English Championship club Aston Villa.

In 2018, Edens launched Florida’s first privately owned and operated passenger train, Brightline runs between Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Florida daily with plans to extend its travels throughout the U.S.

Outside of the business world of Wes Edens, he’s also known as a very generous philanthropist, within the span of 10 years his contributions to various Cancer Research Foundations, College, hospitals, health, and wellness centers has exceeded 2.7 million dollars.

Wes Edens is also known as an avid skier and has recently joined forces with a few friends Michael Novogratz, David Barry, and Randal Nardone to open the luxurious Caldera House ski lodge resort.

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Meet Steve Ritchie: A Committed Leader

Steve Ritchie is actually the Chief Executive Officers of one of the biggest pizza firms in the entire world, Papa John’s International. He has been here for several years, not less than 22. He joined it in the year 1996. He became the CEO of this great firm in the first month of 2018. He lives in a place called Hikes Point, Louisville, Kentucky. He attended Seneca High School.

At first, Steve Ritchie was actually a customer representative at the Papa John’s International. At this position, he used to earn approximately six dollars per hour. In the year 2006, Steve became Papa John’s franchise owner as well as the operator. He actually started occupying leadership positions at this great company in the year 2010. He was promoted to a level of being the Chief Operating Officer in the year 2014.

2015 was actually one of the most successful years. He was chosen to be the company’s president. In general terms, this great man has been successful in every task assigned to the company. He likes working hard for the good of both the company and the customers. Some of the positions he held successfully before being promoted to the level of the presidency include store general manager, delivery driver, customer representative, and director of operations.

As the new CEO of this great company, Steve Ritchie will play an important role when it comes to the firm’s global development and enhancing brand’s digital as well as customer experience evolution. Steve made it clear that he will work around the clock to ensure that the company provides world-class experiences to its customers. He said that achieving this is likely to be a walk in the park since they have put all measures in place and they are ready and willing.

More about Papa Johns

The company has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been ranked severally as the third-biggest pizza delivery firm in the entire world. Consumers have been rating the company as number one in matters regarding consumer satisfaction in the United States of America for more than sixteen years. The firm works around the clock and has invested heavily to ensure its services and products exceed the needed standards.

Sussex Healthcare Senior Living

Specializes care is big business all around the world because everyone experiences the affects of aging. When it comes to this particular genre, the elderly rank high on the list for people who need specialized care. In addition to that, people who live with physical disabilities can benefit from this type of care. Sussex Healthcare has shined a light on specialized care thanks to its wonderful attributes. This UK-based organization has been in business since the 1980s, and it has demonstrated some of the best person-centric care among it competitors. This organization has created a relaxed environment for seniors that span across 20 facilities.

Better serving the clients and customers is what Sussex Healthcare does on every occasion. By focusing on progress, this healthcare organization will never get left behind. Customers and employees will receive direct communications every step of the way. Making a difference in people’s lives is what the staff thrives off, and they do it very well. This hard-working staff has a strong passion for what they do, and they’re highly trained to handle the toughest tasks. Residents at Sussex Healthcare facilities are treated to a wide range of activities that fall under the mental, emotional, social and physical categories. There are full-care residential houses, daycare housing and state-of-the-art gyms. Every live-in facility has medical staff on deck, which can provide 24-hour care.

Another great feature of Sussex Healthcare is that it provides personalized care for people who suffer with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Younger adults who struggle with cognitive issues as well as struggle with neurological disabilities can benefit from this organization. This full-spectrum of products and services have propelled SHC into the spotlight. The staff encourages individuals to stay active because a body in motion stays in motion. All in all, Sussex Healthcare is outclassing its peers, and it will continue to push the boundaries in senior care.

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Liu Qiandong: A Visionary

Liu Qiangdong is progressive thinker. He is the CEO of a large direct sales company in China. He set up the Jing Dong company in 1998 in Beijing and started selling electronic products. 2004 was when he started his online store, the following year he seen a explosion in sales and started to shut down all of his brick and mortar stores. his online store started to make a lot of money for the company. The success of his online store was comparable to Amazon.
Liu’s attention on unwavering quality aided develop into China’s greatest Internet-based direct retailer. This is an incredible moving point for Chinese purchasers who have persevered through rehashed outrages over phony items. At the time Liu began his business, it was normal for shops to cheat clients and go off fake merchandise. Liu saw a chance to set up another sort of business dependent on trust and trustworthiness. The company is now worth over 12 billion dollars. His hard work and dedication to his craft has made him a wealthy individual.

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Agera Energy makes a positive impact in the Energy sector

Agera energy is a company that specializes in the supply and distribution of natural gas and electricity for business and home clients, particularly in the United States. The company has a team of professional staff that dedicate their efforts on sufficient research to come up with solu-tions that satisfy their customers’ requirements. Agera energy provides clients with the right in-formation concerning power for them to make informed decisions regarding supply.

Agera Energy Company has active social media accounts such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter where information gets shared widely. The social media accounts provide useful infor-mation and updates of the company such as the available jobs so that qualified personnel may apply.

Working at Agera energy

Agera energy gives equal opportunities to all people who apply for the jobs. The company does not discriminate on any grounds and offer competitive packages and remuneration to the staff. The administration team is friendly and ready to help the employees in their social welfare.

Sunday Riley Has Created Products That Are Great To Use After A Workout

It is not uncommon for someone to work out and immediately feel bad about how they look. They feel sweaty and get worried about breakouts happening because of the sweat on their face. They worry about their messy hair and their exhausted look overall, and they don’t know what to do about that. But, there is a brand that has created several products that work well for immediately following a workout, and that brand is Sunday Riley. It has created a clarifying oil that is quick drying and helps clear up acne and blackheads.

And, Sunday Riley has created a great facial cleanser that people can use every time that they go to the gym because it will deeply clean the skin. The company has created products that will work to keep people motivated with their exercise because the products will help their skin to stay clear and clean no matter what they are doing. Everyone should always take care of their skin in a preventive way by washing it with a good cleanser after exercise. And they should use a product that they know that they can depend on for if acne starts to show up, too, and Sunday Riley has carefully created both of those items for them.

Sunday Riley has skincare products available for those with all skin types. The company doesn’t have a lot of items available, but it has enough to deal with everything from acne to dry skin. Sunday Riley says that the results of using its products come instantly. And it also says that the products are powered by science. It has many best-selling products, including a night oil and a vitamin C serum. The company has created products that keep the skin healthy after a workout, and that are good to use in anyone’s normal routine.

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor Enjoy California Lifestyle

People recently published an article titled “Ryan Seacrest Opens Up about Falling for Girlfriend Shayna Taylor: ‘We’re Very In Sync.” The article reveals how the pop icon was drawn to Shayna Taylor’s beauty in early 2013 but the real key to his heart was their connection over food.

Both have a passion for fitness and health food and Taylor is a trained chef. The couple recently moved out of their New York City apartment to Los Angeles in 2017 after Ryan Seacrest was confirmed to be the host of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest revealed how it was fun to move across the country with his younger girlfriend who was originally from California. Ryan Seacrest indicates that it is easy to live with Taylor. Despite a breakup nearly a year into their relationship, they both matured over the years and rekindled their love for each other. Taylor is nearly 27 and Ryan Seacrest is nearly twenty years her senior. Taylor revealed she grew up listening to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. Seacrest might be known for his incredible work ethic in show business, but Taylor is also an ambitious worker. She has her own food and wellness blog titled “Shayna’s Kitchen” that discusses healthy ways to create delicious food.

In the past six months, the couple has been focused on creating time together before work by waking up an hour earlier. Instead of rushing to work, the couple works out or takes a walk together to have time together. They also do tango lessons, yoga, and boxing to stay in shape. Taylor reveals that family is at the center of her life but she isn’t worried about the future with Seacrest. Instead, they are focused on enjoying time with each other and remaining in the moment to establish a greater connection. Both are enjoying their new chapter in California.