OSI Group Has Kept Several Meat Plants Running This Last Year

OSI Group is not only one of the world’s top quality meat distributors, they’ve also been a major supplier of jobs and the savior of facilities that appeared to be on the verge of closing.

The most recent place they saved was Tyson Food Plant’s south Chicago facility, one of four factories that operates in the city and one that was way behind on funding and on the verge of losing hundreds of jobs.

But OSI Group saw a golden opportunity to acquire its resources and in the process they offered every current employee working there a chance to keep their jobs. They’ve also kept a few meat processing centers open in Germany and the Netherlands and acquired Baho Foods to reach a large base of customers there.

OSI Group was first known as Otto & Sons after Otto Kolschowsky started a butcher shop in a quaint neighborhood of Chicago in 1909. The Kolschowsky family became highly regarded in their community and their products became sought after by several food service retailers and restaurant chains, and in 1955 they became the main supplier to McDonalds. Sheldon Lavin took over as CEO in the mid 1980s and through his leadership OSI Group has opened offices overseas and made inroads into the Asian and European markets. OSI Group primarily produces packaged meats and prepared meals and uses some of the most advanced processing equipment to do so. Lavin’s business expertise has earned him the Global Visionary award from RSM US LLP, and he’s also a founding member of the Ronald McDonald House Charities philanthropy.

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