The Traveling Vineyard Offers Many Perks For Their Wine Guides

Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company that gives people the option of becoming Wine Guides. It gives many women, as well as men, the ability to stay home with their families while hosting wine nights with friends as well as new customers they don’t know. The wine nights offer everyone there the ability to taste the wines for free before deciding which ones they would like to purchase.

A Wine Guide will help the host of the wine night arrange the event as well as prepare for the event in advance. The Wine Guide will also take the lead during the tasting and walk each guest through all of the great wines that are offered. Once the night is over, the Wine Guide will enter all of the orders with World HQ and then their job is done!

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No prior work with wine is needed. Traveling Vineyard will provide their Wine Guides with all of the training that they need, as well as an unlimited amount of growth that they can achieve! Wine Guide’s also don’t need to meet monthly minimums. There is also no stock that is required to be kept on-hand by the Wine Guides, either. The business model is based on fun, in-home tastings that are scheduled by the Wine Guides so they are able to choose when they work, where they want to work and how often they want to work. Wine Guides are able to schedule their business around their family needs and priorities, another jobs, vacations, other commitments or any hobbies. In addition to all of the training that is provided to the Wine Guides, there is also an unlimited amount of support provided to them! Not only World HQ, but also local mentors, are always available to help the Guides continue to grow their business!

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George Soros: The Open Society Foundations

George Soros is a billionaire and prominent philanthropists in the United States. His funding is used to support numerous organizations and individuals across the world. He has also used most of his money to fight for the freedom of transparency, expression, and accountability in all the world governments. For him, he envisions a prosperous world that will never lack equality and justice in all their political dealings. Therefore, George Soros has worked hard to unite people from all walks of life through peaceful transitions and equitable donations to all. Read his profile at Forbes.

This charitable giving has laid focus on those who are discriminated among the world population. According to him, business is what makes people deal in generous accountabilities. He has also raised millions to support those who are discriminated in all parts of the world. He has also raised millions to support the Roma people in Europe against discrimination. For those who are pushed to the margins, he has supported individuals like sex workers, drug users, and the LGBTI people.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, he was in one of the most discriminated families in the country. For this reason, he has enough experience on what it takes to develop high-end walls against discrimination. He was once discriminated as a child. During the Nazi Revolution, his family fled from Hungary. He found himself in London, for this reason, he raised money to commence his studies in college by working at a local train restaurant. He got enough money to pay for his school fees to pay for his education at the London Financial College.

When the Nazi Occupation killed his family, he survived by securing false identities. He also helped others do the same conceal. George Soros also recalls that he resisted that evil instead of succumbing to his fate. This is what he wants to do to the people. George Soros wants to be there for everyone during that time of need. George Soros resisted the strongest force. While they survived that occupation, they also managed to help others survive.

Hungary was a political communist country. He left the country for London in 1947. When he secured an education in London, he decided to travel to the United States where he was welcomed in New York. During that time, he was posted to work for two companies as a hedge fund manager. His success was seen in his numerous deals. Before he could make those people extra rich, he decided to found his company. He went on to develop the Soros Hedge Fund as one of the largest businesses in the United States. He worked hard by his accurate predictions against the daily currencies. Much of his wealth comes from the risky financial trades.