Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Cut Into Amazon’s Sales?

Amazon is the leader when it comes to e-commerce sales in the women’s apparel niche. They are currently making 20 percent of the e-commerce sales in the women’s apparel space, and have become the standard when it comes to buying clothing online. Amazon would just continue to roll right down the tracks if not for an active-wear company that is trying to make a name for themselves. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has made huge strides in this space in just three years, pulling in over $250 million in sales of high-quality active-wear for women.


Hudson was asked to try and explain how her company went from obscurity to e-commerce dominance in such a shot amount of time. She credits the success to a process known as reverse showrooming and her unique Fabletics membership program. Hudson says the growth in sales is partly due to the high-quality of her athleisure brand, but it is the overall shopping experience that is getting women excited to buy from her company. These women will go to the retail Falectics store in the mall, trying on all the new releases and window-shopping for the latest workout apparel. These same women get their free membership and fill out the Lifestyle Quiz to unlock more membership benefits, then usually leave with buying very little.


How can Fabletics be making $250 million in sales with women leaving the stores without big purchases?


The reason the sales continue to grow at Fabletics has to do with when these same consumers are home later in the day and going to the website to continue shopping. perhaps they had limited time during the day or prefer online shopping, whatever the reason, they come back in a big way to the Fabletics website. These women can see all the apparel they were wearing at the retail store sitting right in their online account now as a member to the site. What they do here is add more items to the cart because they already know the clothing fits them perfectly. There is no guessing here like when you shop at Amazon and then hope the right apparel finds you and fits you.


It appears that Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to offer women high-quality workout apparel at low pricing with free shipping, and done it in a way that makes it so much easier for these busy women to shop at their convenience and still feel like valued customers.

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