Innovation, Ingenuity & Excellence: Academy of Art University

When it comes to higher-learning institutions that specialize in the arts, few institutions can outperform the Academy of Art University. Its name says it all, and the school has been around since the 1920s. Founded in 1929, Academy of Art University gives you a chance to envision your very own future. Once known as the Academy of Art College, this institution offers a top-of-the-line environment that’s creative. The school’s mission is to prepare its students for a rewarding career in the arts profession. It also prepares the students for a career in design as well as for the entertainment industry.

For the 21st straight appearance, Academy of Art University has held its own at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). This weeklong affair is loaded with the world’s best fashion experts and designers. The ideas in fashion of today will surely run the industry in the future. Academy of Art University has used this mega-platform to publicize its work as 10 of the school’s recent graduates put on an exquisite show. These graduates had arranged to display multiple numbers of fashion lines including a special collaboration unto itself. The bright lights of the big city shined down on New York’s Skylight Clarkson Square and the attendance members weren’t disappointed. Can you imagine the amount of time and preparation that has gone into participating in this extraordinary event? This is hours and hours of labor that includes fashion workshops, classes and internships. This eclectic mix of people and fashion tops any other fashion event in modern-day society.

Did you know that the Academy of Arts University was founded by a professional painter named Richard Stephens? The vision of this wonderful man has manifested into a worldwide celebration in a sense. When it’s all said and done, the Academy of Arts University will go down as one of the best for-profit schools for the arts and entertainment.

All About The Popular Fagali’I Airport

Taking a flight can be a problem if you’re using the wrong airport. There are tons of airports out there, but it’s important that you choose one that is going to provide what you need and allow you to travel in style. One of Samoa’s largest and most popular airports is known as the Fagali’I Airport. Once owned by the local government, the Fagali’I Airport has since been bought out by Polynesian Airlines and has been renamed to accommodate the people of the area. What sets the Fagali’I Airport apart from so many others is that they offer both local and international travel to America.


If you’re trying to book your flight through the Fagali’I Airport, it is important that you use their website to gain more information about the flights happening. You can also book through the Fagali’I Airport using other booking agencies, but the Fagali’I Airport website has you covered if you simply want to book a flight without the hassle of going through a different company. You can also check in for your upcoming flight through the site or by going to a check-in kiosk. Flying through the Fagali’I Airport is quick, easy and safe, as the folks here want to make sure that your trip is as secure and effortless as possible.

Once you begin to use the Fagali’I Airport to do your traveling to and from Samoa, you’ll find that it is one of the best options available in terms of airports in the local area. Because of its popularity, the crew at the Fagali’I Airport are continually changing and expanding to help customers have better flights. This is an effortless option for you when you’re trying to travel and know that you need a great-quality airport to go through. Because of all of the work being done on the Fagali’I Airport, it is no wonder that it is continually being awarded different honors for the work in the aviation industry according to If you want a high-end airport to go through for your upcoming travels, you’ll want to consider looking into the Fagali’I Airport for yourself.

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Betsy Devos – on topic article

Beginning with campus leadership as a student at Calvin College, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been involved in politics. With six years of service as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, DeVos is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan who has invested her life in seeking solutions to deep social problems impacting children and families, and first and foremost: education and educational choice.


DeVos’ interest in educational choice began when she and her husband Dick DeVos, a former Michigan gubernatorial candidate and State Board of Education member, visited The Potter’s House Christian school in Grand Rapids, Mich. The Potter’s House has served low-income families and children with needs for over three decades, and DeVos has also mentored a student there for a number of years.


Repeated visits to the Potter’s House showed that the school was providing an excellent education for students, but lower-income parents were making huge sacrifices to pay tuition to the privately-funded Christian school. In addition to offering scholarships to individual students, Dick and Betsy DeVos began providing additional financial support to the school, a commitment that continues.


Providing scholarships on an individual basis, Betsy DeVos soon realized, wouldn’t make the fundamental change necessary to offer every parent the chance to send their children to the school of their choice. The next step was advocating in Michigan for school choice initiatives, including tax-credit scholarships and vouchers. These state-wide initiatives evolved into national efforts through political and charitable foundations, including the American Federation for Children and the Alliance for School Choice. These initiatives had success in building greater school choice, especially in Florida, where the state’s tax-credit scholarship program has led to more than 50,000 students attending a school chosen by their families.


While some news reports have described Betsy DeVos as “unprepared” for her position as U.S. Secretary of Education, a recent visit to Saint Andrew Catholic School in Orlando, Florida with President Donald Trump showed her experience with private schools beginning with her involvement with the Potter’s House School in Grand Rapids more than two decades ago. Potter’s House school superintendent John Booy, who has worked with Dick and Betsy DeVos for over 30 years, says that Betsy DeVos is a consensus builder who not only helped their local church through turbulent times as a congregation leader, she also has a knack for listening to all perspectives.


Those who have worked with DeVos for over 30 years like John Booy say she is a “regular person” who is just like everyone else, even though she and her husband Dick both come from wealthy families. As of January, 2017, the couple announced their charitable donations had totaled nearly $139 million. Combined with Dick’s father, Amway founder Rich DeVos, in 2015 alone, the entire family gave away more than $104 million, ranking the family as 24th most-generous on Forbes’ magazine’s most recent top charitable donor list. Learn more: