Mississippi Institute Honors Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has accomplished a lot in his lifetime, and now The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has presented him with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given to artists and art patrons who are connected to Mississippi and have produced a body of work that is extraordinary and worthy of recognition. He joins a short and distinguished list of recipients which includes actor Morgan Freeman, writer Shelby Foote, and singer Leontyne Price, among others. He has the distinct honor of being the first architect to receive the award.

Robert Ivy currently serves as the Executive Vice President and CEO of American Institute of Architects. During his seven years in that role, the American Institute of Architects has expanded its reach globally through seven chapters, including a chapter in China and Canada.

Prior to his current role, Robert Ivy was the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Architectural Record”, published by McGraw Hill. Under his guidance, the magazine garnered several awards, including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. The magazine enjoys a readership that spans the globe as a result of Robert Ivy’s dedication. He was responsible for launching a Mandarin version of the magazine, and he extended the reach of the magazine into the Middle East.

Furthermore, Robert Ivy is an accomplished author. His book, “Fay Jones: Architect”, was recognized by The Art Library Society of North America for its high standards of production, design, and scholarship. It is now on its third revision.

Robert Ivy received his Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee: The University of the South. He received his Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University. Prior to that he served as an officer in the United States Navy.

Through his writing, research, and passion for architecture Robert Ivy has expanded the reach of American Architecture throughout the world. He is a perfect representative of the American Architect and his legacy will not soon be forgotten. It is only fitting that he has received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Nick Vertucci’s story of success

Nick Vertucci hailed from a very humble background. His family provided him with all the necessities needed while he was growing up. With a lot of hard work and discipline, Nick managed to open his first company in his youth years. In this period, he learned certain flexibility of being an own boss, both with time and money.

His life expanded further when he attended a life-transforming 3day seminar. He was reluctant to participate in it at first, but little did he know that this would be his breakthrough. He openly admits that it was the best decision that he ever made in life.

His life drastically changed after he opened an academy named after him in the year 2014! Through this academy, he has created seminars that have helped many gain financial freedom, by outlining various tactics. His concept analyses how to get the best deals to get your fortune. This retired police officer has since become a national celebrity across America. Nick Vertucci has consistently created efficient systems which enable cash flow thus creating more wealth.

Nick Vertucci recently released a book known as, Seven Figure Decisions. He explains in details of the various principles he has applied in real estate investment and the essential aspects owed to his success. He additionally clarifies critical choices that can influence you to go from a white collar class to a tycoon in the blink of an eye.

Nick’s book has since been embraced by one of the best business visionaries in America by the name of Kevin Harrington. He is the founder of the “Shark Tank” show on TV. Harrington expresses Nick’s story as a rag to riches kind of a story.

However, Nick Vertucci insists that your financial success solely depends on your dedication to apply and utilize the information you receive.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.facebook.com/Nick-Vertucci-Companies-127612227262138/

Glen Wakman: Nomad Career of Success

The freedom to travel the world and make money can seem like a dream that may never come true. Beaches, climate, scenery, and the ability to meet new people is no longer a dream. Glen Wakeman is a man that has been very successful in making travel and work the center of his life. For 20 years, he worked for General Electric. Throughout his time spent there, he traveled to six different countries. To top that, he has worked in 32 different countries. Glen is responsible for the establishment of GE Money Latin America. It has given 17,000 people the ability to travel and work. Glen became the strong leader that he is today because of his travel experiences. Each country showed him how to create long-lasting relationships with others. He learned how to approach others in a way that makes them comfortable communicating with him. These are skills needed to be a leader not only of a team, but a company as well. There was a point in Glen’s career where he came to realize that his management style was not conducive to his goals. At that point, he approached someone who would be able to give him a better understanding of that country’s culture and their style of communication. As it turned out, Glen soon discovered that he was not engaging with his clients. It is essential to listen and understand each person and the lives they live. Once that is established, the business can continue as usual. Effective communication creates trust, dependability, and reliability when it comes down to conducting business. There are many opportunities that one can seek and succeed in that allow them to fulfill their dreams of traveling and seeing the world. Glen Wakeman is a storybook success of that. There are many joys of traveling such as stress relief, improved social skills, learning a new language, and the ability to withstand the unknown. Each travel experience will be different and exciting in its own way. Glen Wakeman is proof of that. Though he traveled and got the opportunity to see many parts of the world, he had to be adaptable to get the most out of his experiences.


The Illustrious Career of Perry Mandera.

As the founder and chief executive of Custom Companies, Perry Mandera has had a long and prosperous career in the transportation and logistics industry. He has been in the sector for more than four decades and has gained significant experience in the area of shipping for many clients not only in Illinois but across the United States. Perry Mandera is a man with a rich history, and we might learn a thing or two from his success story.


Perry Mandera’s career began during his days in the Marines, a period he cherishes to this date. In the Marines, Perry oversaw the transportation of troops and supplies from one point to the other, a task which helped him understand and appreciate the impact of shipping services not only in the army but in life as a whole. Though the knowledge and skills he gained in the Marines have shaped his business endeavors, Perry only remembers the moments and times he shared with his fellow countrymen and women. The bonds and friendships he built are the key things and accomplishments that he recalls till today.


After leaving the armed forces, Perry Mandera ran for office and was elected. From 1984 to 1988, Perry was the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. He entered into the history books as he was the youngest ward committeeman to serve in Chicago on a Republican ticket. It is an accomplishment that highlights how he started helping those around him at a young age.


Perry Mandera is an avid humanitarian who regularly donates his time and money to help address the needs of the underprivileged in the society. He is particularly committed to supporting the less fortunate children in the community through providing clothing and transportation services as well as giving financial aid.


Perry Mandera conducts a yearly campaign in his offices, where he asks his employees to bring forward people in their communities who are struggling and need assistance. Perry takes up the mantle and helps those identified by providing basic needs and other helpful resources. Perry was recently honored by the Illinois Transportation Association for his accomplishments in business and philanthropy.

Christopher Linkas’ Advice to Young People

Few people can parallel Chris Linkas’ expertise in financial affairs in the county. Chris has been supervising a team of experts that has been dealing with identification of investment opportunities from various parts of Europe. He is, therefore, highly experienced in financial matters and any advice from him on this topic is worth listening to and implementing. Chris advises all people irrespective of their ages.


In all his talks, it is difficult for him to evade advice on investments. This is because he believes investing is the way to gain wealth. His concern about young people is that they are highly reluctant to invest, especially in the stock trading markets. Chris advises that the age of the youth should not be an excuse for not investing. He advises that they should be vigilant in financial matters as early as possible.

The following are some of the tips that Chris offers to young people concerning investing in stocks:


  1. Reinvesting dividends

Many young people are unaware of the benefits of reinvesting in stocks. This is one of the surest ways earning money without having to worry about the current stock price. Reinvesting enables one to earn money through two means easily. One of them is through earning of interest. This interest is usually compounded on the new figure. Therefore, your investment keeps growing and ultimately you’ll have enough to enjoy in the retirement days.


  1. Risk at a young age

Chris argues that young people are best placed to risk their capital as they have limited uses. This urge to gamble declines with age when more responsibility is added. It is, therefore, good to try out new ventures at a young age. Some of the most successful businesses today were started at a time when nobody dared to start. Today, they are profitable firms earning millions of dollars for the owners.


  1. Learn from past mistakes.

Young people are prone to making mistakes due to their aggression when investing. Chris Linkas advises that errors are part of the trade. However, he says that the most crucial bit is learning from them and building on lessons learned.

Graham Edwards’ Success in the Properties Industry in the UK

Graham Edwards was recently appointed as the new executive chairman of the Telereal Trillium Company after serving since 2009. With his appointment as the chair has led to a series of reshuffling in the company where the former managing director known as Russell Gurnhill will assume office as the chief executive. Meanwhile, Gurnhill’s former office will be occupied by Adam Dakin with his main role being in charge of business and services. What’s more, the group’s property director known as Graeme Hunter will maintain the role of taking charge of the properties matters within the premises while Michael Hackenbroch remains as the group’s finance director.


The Telereal Trillium Company has partnerships with several other organizations in the property sector such as the DVLA, Aviva, Royal Mail, and BT. Besides, the London based company has its targets focussed on a growth strategy that will help the organization own the largest portfolios in the real estate sector of the United Kingdom. It is for this reason Graham Edward says that the restructuring of Telereal Trillium is in line with the company’s business strategies in delivering the demands of its clients. He adds that the team at Telereal Trillium is well able to go beyond its stakeholder’s expectation by offering excellent service to the property partners involved.


Graham Edwards Impact on Telereal Trillium


Graham Edwards who is 51 heads the Telereal Trillium Company which currently owes over 8000 properties in Britain resulting to 1% housing in the UK. Under his leadership, the company has grown tremendously where one of its major highlights was last year when Telereal struck a deal of selling over 55 properties valued at £550m. Equally important, through Graham Edwards’ leadership, the company’s portfolio has grown to have over £6 billion worth of revenue while its total area covers 86 million square feet.


Further, Graham Edwards led the Telereal Trillium into a three-decade contract of strategic partnership with BT which was executed in 2001. Again, it was through Graham Edward’s hard work and dedication that saw the company become the market leader after he conducted the negotiations in 2009 that led to the acquisition of the Trillium Company to have the Telereal Trillium which today is the top in the property sector in the UK. Additionally, Graham Edwards is a graduate of the Cambridge University where he did Economics and later joining the Telereal Trillium.


Jorge Moll and In-Depth Medical Savvy

People revel in doing positive things for others in this world. It can be difficult, however, to grasp precisely how positive behaviors influence the human brain. Some examples of behaviors that are positive in nature are doing volunteer work, making monetary donations and giving love. Jorge Moll is the individual who serves as the D’Or Institute for Research and Education‘s President at the moment. He’s also a prominent neurologist. He works right next to a psychologist by the name of João Ascenso. They strive to clarify the mind’s reactions to patterns that are rather selfless.


People who are involved in research rely on FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) techniques in order to visually assess sections of the brain. The two researchers uncovered a key thing. Positive behaviors solely stimulated two distinctive sections of the brain. These sections are the Septal area and the Subgenual Cortex. These sections are linked to components such as connecting. If a person feels tied to another in an intimate manner, these sections could play a part in the whole thing.


D’Or Institute for Research and Education refers to a widely known not-for-profit group that strives to push forward many technological and scientific developments that are part of the medical care world. The group works on concepts that pertain to clinical research and training in the healthcare universe. Some of the group’s focal points are internal medicine, intensive medicine, oncology, pediatrics and, last but certainly not least, the neurosciences. The famed organization now is equipped with a doctoral program that revolves around medical science matters. It has teamed up with postgraduate programs that are operated by a number of highly respected public institutions of higher learning as well.


Jorge Moll is a dependable alumnus of a school by the name of UFRJ. He left the school back in 1994. He finished a neurology medical residency not long after that. He exited the residency in 1998. This talent in the science field knows how to speak the Portuguese language fluently. He knows how to speak the English tongue with just as much confidence and skill.

Support Lee May’s 10k Run

Beamridge is a construction company stationed in the United Kingdom. The business was founded in 2013. It was also known as FS Contracting Ltd. The directors who invested in the business have over 100 years of experience in the construction industry. Beamridge construction are the innovators of construction. These masters of architecture design residential and commercial structures. Beamridge has the highest quality and standards when it comes to their profession; leaving their competitors at a stand still. Furthermore, making a relationship with their clients that will last a lifetime. Although their manufacturing is top of the line; they are big supporters and sponsors of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Beamridge assists the boxing club to allow the young men to further their training and open as many opportunities as possible.


Lee May is the Senior Partner of Beamridge Ltd. He is hosting a fundraiser for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Lee is about to embark on a 10k run to help The Nemesis ABC purchase a mini bus. His goal is £20,000. All proceeds will be given to the boxing club for their efforts. Lee loves the sport of boxing and is very proud to be a sponsor of their club. Even though he is an ecstatic boxing fan he also supports the family friendly environment that the Nemesis ABC provides. He has started crowdfunding and is 13% to his initial goal. He needs all the support he can get. No matter how big or small the donation is, all will be appreciated.

Dr. Dov Rand, Bioidentical Hormone Specialist of New Jersey

If there is one thing Dr. Dov. Rand specializes in besides hormone therapy, it would be innovation. Based in West Orange, New Jersey, Dr. Dov. Rand has developed an immense following because he has developed a reputation for simply being the best. Indeed, if there was a hall of fame for doctors Dov rand would be in it. During his time at the Einstein School of Medicine in New York City, Dr. Dov. Rand learned how to discipline himself and he threw himself into his studies regarding the human body and all of its processes. He emerged from his training as a much better individual, ready to treat these individuals with as much out-of-the-box thinking as humanly possible. Because of his years of training, Dr. Dov. Rand is now able to treat conditions that arise from the following situations:


Age-Related Conditions


Dr. Dov Rand is fully vested in treating a variety of age-related conditions, including such ailments as anxiety, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, and depression. He treats all of these age-related conditions by employing a means of remarkable regenerative medicine, which includes different approaches tailored to each individual patient.


“Good Hormones And Bad Hormones”


One of the things Dov. Rand has discovered throughout his years of practicing medicine would be that all people produce hormones. Young people and old people alike produce these hormones. Now guess what? If you guessed that young people have all of the good hormones, then you win the $64,000 question. That’s right. Young people have such hormones as DHEA, progesterone, thyroid, testosterone, and human growth hormone. These hormones all help us to be healthy. The bad hormones are cortisol and insulin, and those are in short supply when we are younger.


On the other hand, Dr. Dov Rand also knows that the “bad” hormones increase as we age. This is one of the main reasons why we gain weight when we get older. Dr. Rand’s answer to aging is to increase the good hormones as his patients age.


Of course, others have found this situation as well, and their answer is to introduce synthetic hormones. This is extremely harmful, and goes against everything that Dr. Rand stands for. Instead of synthetic hormones, Rand introduces bioidential hormones, which reverse the aging process without any ill effects. This is the main reason why he is the top anti-aging physician in the country.


Stansberry Research: Creating a Global Presence

Frank Porter Stansberry is an American businessman and entrepreneur, credited with establishing the Stansberry Research. He founded the company in 1999, and it was initially known as the Stansberry and Associates Investment Research. The company that he established focuses on the drafting, reviewing, and the publishing of newsletters that were written by its expert writers. The newsletters released by the company became popular all over the world because of its helpful insights that help a lot of business people and entrepreneurs. During the peak of the company’s success, Frank Porter Stansberry decided to change the company’s name and renamed it into a simpler Stansberry Research.


After the company’s renaming, Frank Porter Stansberry assures the company that nothing will change aside from the company’s name. The business would still operate like how it used to, and he encouraged everyone not to panic because the company is not facing any threats. The popularity brought upon by the written works of the company’s top writing made the Stansberry Research a national phenomenon. Every business people walking down Wall Street in New York City would be reading their copies of the newsletter, and it is the same scenario for every major city in the United States. Frank Porter Stansberry realized that his company should now expand, and from the initial headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, the Stansberry Research also had to create new offices in California, Florida, and Oregon.


Frank Porter Stansberry thanked everyone who supported his creation, and he assured the public that new updates would be uploaded into the system. He wanted everyone to learn something from the articles that the company published, and they encouraged the public to read their books to help them out with their problems.