The Illustrious Career of Perry Mandera.

As the founder and chief executive of Custom Companies, Perry Mandera has had a long and prosperous career in the transportation and logistics industry. He has been in the sector for more than four decades and has gained significant experience in the area of shipping for many clients not only in Illinois but across the United States. Perry Mandera is a man with a rich history, and we might learn a thing or two from his success story.


Perry Mandera’s career began during his days in the Marines, a period he cherishes to this date. In the Marines, Perry oversaw the transportation of troops and supplies from one point to the other, a task which helped him understand and appreciate the impact of shipping services not only in the army but in life as a whole. Though the knowledge and skills he gained in the Marines have shaped his business endeavors, Perry only remembers the moments and times he shared with his fellow countrymen and women. The bonds and friendships he built are the key things and accomplishments that he recalls till today.


After leaving the armed forces, Perry Mandera ran for office and was elected. From 1984 to 1988, Perry was the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. He entered into the history books as he was the youngest ward committeeman to serve in Chicago on a Republican ticket. It is an accomplishment that highlights how he started helping those around him at a young age.


Perry Mandera is an avid humanitarian who regularly donates his time and money to help address the needs of the underprivileged in the society. He is particularly committed to supporting the less fortunate children in the community through providing clothing and transportation services as well as giving financial aid.


Perry Mandera conducts a yearly campaign in his offices, where he asks his employees to bring forward people in their communities who are struggling and need assistance. Perry takes up the mantle and helps those identified by providing basic needs and other helpful resources. Perry was recently honored by the Illinois Transportation Association for his accomplishments in business and philanthropy.

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