Southridge Capital Sees a Future in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

One of the newest concepts that have the professionals at Southridge Capital excited is cryptocurrency. While it was once seen as just a novelty at most, it is now developing into a legitimate currency that is used in many different types of currency. Evidence shows that is is going to be around for a long time and has the potential to save the world.


In the upwards of 2 decades that Southridge Capital has been in business, they have seen a lot of changes in the financial industry. While many people still have their questions about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain technology is already showing potential in a lot of different industries. The technology offers a new type of security and tracking that can be applied to property both in the real world and digital.


One of the interesting transactions that Southridge discovered that is using cryptocurrency is in the real estate industry. A Roman mansion owned by the chairman of Hilton Hotels that is valued at $38 million was recently put up for auction accepting cryptocurrency bids. The company in charge of the sale, Propy, is able to issue title deeds to their buyers using their ledger that utilizes blockchain.


With the expertise at Southridge Capital, they have the capability to help companies go public. They have researched the topic of cryptocurrency extensively and are ready to help their clients integrate it into their business plan. Over the years, their investments into growth companies have reached $1.8 billion. Through expert advice, Southridge Capital helps companies achieve their goals and balance their debt and equity.


Stephen Hicks is a capital founder and the chief executive officer at Southridge Capital. Before co-founding the company, he was involved in the finance industry working for a hedge fund. He decided that it was time to start his own business and have more control of its future. You can checkout for more details.



Stephen Hicks is excited about the potential that cryptocurrency may have for the financial industry. It’s becoming a legitimate way to purchase items and is already affecting many different businesses. As more and more companies start to implement Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, he expects the technology to grow. Visit for more info.



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