Malcolm CassSelle Announces WAX Blockchain Investment Platform

As the global digital marketplace for in-game virtual assets, OPSkins, has the #1 merchant bitcoin global ranking. Now OPSkins has rolled-out a blockchain platform for virtual asset trade. This Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) provides a new P2P marketplace for users. Users may now buy/sell virtual goods without leaving gaming activity, enabled by blockchain mechanisms. Fragmentation and potential marketplace fraud are avoided. Too, former payment processing, language and/or security concerns within virtual asset trading are deleted. The WAX Token has been created as a common currency to “tokenize” gaming assets.

CassSelle Expertise

Malcolm CassSelle was former President and CTO at tronc (formerly Tribune Publishing), a company tasked with rapid growth company management for digital assets. He was SVP/GM for Digital Media at SeaChange International, CEO of Timeline Labs, created Xfire, created MediaPass, co-founded Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), co-founded NetNoir, director of Hong Kong-based Capital Union Investments, and participated in Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent (China). As a long-term entrepreneur, CassSelle brings extensive business acumen for startups.

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, CassSelle finds that: “The Gaming industry,” says CasSelle, “will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream.”

Other blockchain entrepreneurs have given CassSelle high marks across industry bandwidth. Sensay management remarked on IQ, EQ and street smarts driving perspective and experience. Groupon executive management have been appreciative of the professionalism and industry knowledge brought to east/west culture initatives and platform venture capital sales strategies. CassSelle is known for entrepreneurship and executive management, using experience to set up organizational goals, building process, and successfully targeting business opportunities.

As CassSelle builds on personal expertise, WAX is continuing value growth. WAX was designed to serve the 400+ million online players buying and selling within the digital marketplace kept wallet-safe, and the design has worked.

End Citizens United and the 2018 Midterm Elections

A recent article from dated September 7,2018, highlights how the political action group known as “End Citizens United” is involved in endorsing candidates for the crucial upcoming midterm elections in November. End Citizens United is a group that began in March, 2015 in Washington, DC with a mission as a Political Action Committee funded by grassroots donors. It is a group dedicated to countering the “disastrous effects of Citizens United and reforming the campaign finance system.” The Group has over 340,000 followers on Facebook and has been working to make campaign finance reform transparent and have less of an impact on elections. View their financial information on Open Secrets.

The article states that End Citizens United strong opposes Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. “President Trump’s decision to nominate Judge Kavanaugh is a threat to the rights and well being of millions of Americans. Kavanaugh will side with the extreme wing of the Supreme Court and further rig the system in favor of corporate special interests and mega-donors with radical agendas. Everyday Americans will pay the price.”

ECU has a long history of opposing Supreme Court Justice nominees as they feel the current campaign finance policies are of no benefit to Americans. They aren’t transparent and have “bought and paid for” many of those who serve or who served in the House and Senate. End Citizens United has over 400,000 supporters and hopes to raise close to $35 million dollars for the upcoming election cycle. ECU is supporting dozens of Democratic candidates to challenge Republican incumbents in key battleground races that will decide the balance of power in the House and Senate.

A few key candidates that ECU supports is Beto O’Rourke, who is challenging Ted Cruz in Texas. Also, supporting Randy Bryce and his campaign against Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, in Wisconsin. This upcoming election will certainly be one of the most crucial in our lifetime and determine the balance of power in the House and Senate in just a few short weeks to come.


OSI Industries: Increasing Growth Momentum

OSI Industries is one of the biggest food companies in the world. In the past few decades, the company has gained momentum in terms of growth. A change of management was sufficient to put the company on a path of success. After working in the banking sector as an executive and an investment manager, Sheldon Lavin joined this company as a managing partner. A few years later he was made the Chairman and CEO, he was experienced than other partners and therefore was most suited to take over the management of operations in the company. Sheldon joining OSI Industries is perhaps the best things that happened to this company. Some people might tend to think that the transformation of the company after meeting McDonald’s was the true turning point, but is Sheldon Lavin who has molded this food company into what we see today.

OSI Industries is now a leading company in the world because the leadership knows what deserves to be done to get the company performing well. Sheldon assisted by David McDonald has placed the company in a path of growth. The two leaders have propelled the company into prominence. They have brought their experienced minds together to create a company which is going beyond borders easily.

OSI Industries is one of the companies which have transformed the food industry by addressing the pertinent issues that people would love to see addressed. We are no longer living at a time when people feared processed foods. The growth of this business is doing very well, and very soon it seems that the operations of the company will be worldwide. The company has already taken over various markets outside of the United States. In 2016, OSI acquired two companies in Europe, Flagship Europe, and Baho Food, to boost production in the local market.

OSI Industries is determined to meet the needs of all customers in all locations they are currently found in. The global expansion plans of this company are going on well and very soon the company will be operating in more countries. Currently, they are in 17 countries. The growth of the company is a product of dedication by selfless leaders. From the founder, Otto Kolschoswky to the current CEO Sheldon Lavin, they have all held the success of this business as a paramount thing. Sheldon Lavin is on his twilight years as the CEO, but he is grooming the next team to lead the company.

Find more about OSI Industries:,24.htm

Betsy DeVos’s Legacy Of Education Reform

How much time have you spent thinking about how well the public school system is working? If you’ve spent any time at all, you’ll likely realize that there are more than a couple of problems surrounding public education in general. Despite how much money the United States pours into the system, results just haven’t been there. For that reason, President Trump is turning power over to his new Secretary of Education in order to find solutions to problems within the system. Betsy DeVos was nominated by the Senate and confirmed by a tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Pence. This situation alone was intriguing but it was more emblematic of the political divide in America than an indictment on Betsy DeVos, specifically. Now, DeVos is in her position and ready to work, so what comes next?


Betsy DeVos has worked for over 30 years to become a true champion of conservative education reform. She was pushing for reform in the field of education far before she had any grand political aspirations. Betsy DeVos has always been motivated by her own personal creed, by her demand that she be the reformer that everyone else in her family has become. For that reason, Betsy DeVos has become unwavering in her focus on pushing true reform toward the public and her position in the Department of Education is only going to help her.


If you went to Grand Rapids, MI and visited the Potter’s House Christian School, you’d likely find the same sort of educational optimism that inspired Betsy DeVos to become a conservative education champion. Over 30 years ago, Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos visited the school in order to get an idea as to the different education options for their own children. Once inside of the Potter’s House Christian School, DeVos became enamored with the environment. She saw teachers and students who were energized and electric with the power of learning. Most of all, DeVos saw a future there. She would carry that optimism with her out of the door and straight onto the political background.


Since Betsy DeVos began touting conservative education reform, she has managed to spread school choice programs to more than 17 different states in the country. Right now there are more than a couple of school choice institutes operating with more than 250,000 total students enrolled across these institutes. Early success in the school choice movement has fueled DeVos’s popularity and will serve her well in her role as the Secretary of Education. Now, Betsy DeVos has to stick to the course and bypass the political divide that has opened before her in order to bring school choice to the masses, thus helping our children finding the education that they need.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Fortress Investment Group plan to expand railway transport in Florida

Florida Development Finance Corp unanimously agreed to give the Brightline’s Miami-to-West Palm Beach to Orlando railway expansion the go-ahead. Federal tax-exempt bonds amounting to $1.15 billion and $600 million will be channeled to this project. The expected date of completion is 2021, and within it is a plan to expand to Tampa. Bridghtline, which is a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group, has been successful owing to the partial completion of the route. Its trains started running trains to Fort Lauderdale from West Palm Beach in January and expanded to Miami in May this year. This alternative has helped many people beat the rush hour traffic.

Sunshine state is expected to benefit from this venture by Fortress Investment Group especially due to the removal of cars from the highway. It also presents a travel option for tourists as they explore different attractions that Florida has to offer. Trains make several journeys from Miami to West Palm Beach travel in a day with more of this happening during weekdays than weekends. This trips only last 74 minutes with an intermediary stop at Fort Lauderdale.

There are chances that a new train station will be added to the route before the trains can head inwards towards Orlando. Now, Fort Pierce, Stuart, Cocoa, Sebastien, and Vero Beach are the cities under this consideration. The approval of those funds towards this project is expected to create more than 2000 jobs and an economic impact worth $2.4 billion.

Patrick Goddard, who is the President at Brightline say that the addition of Orlando to the train route will create more than 6600 jobs in central Florida alone. It will also bring construction opportunities worth $400 million within that area. Brightline is proposing to the Department of Transportation in Florida to use the Interstate 4’s median between Tampa and Orlando. The idea is to facilitate the building of a railway in that area. This is going to be one of the major infrastructural projects of the company.

Fortress Investment Group is a world-acclaimed and highly diversified investment management firm. Its operations and vast experience encompass a range of investment strategies that include private equity, traditional asset, management, credit, and liquid markets. Fortress Investment Group expedites all these operations on behalf of more than1500 institutional investors and private clients all over the world. Fortress Investment Group also focuses on transportation, media, healthcare, real estate, as well as infrastructure.

Ara Chackerian: Suicide – the Silent Killer

Ara Chackerian is an investor and entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. He has spent of his career life dedicating himself to the research and improvement of the health sector in collaboration with technology. He is the co-founder and board member of the TMS Health Solutions, an organization dedicated to providing treatment for treatment-resistant depression. Recently, Ara Chackerian addressed the issue of suicide focusing on shunning away the stigma behind the scandalous act.


Chackerian admits that majority people are uncomfortable talking about suicide even though it claims more than 100 lives daily globally. The news and obituaries polish on the cause of death ensuring there is no mention of it or announcing a falsified cause of the same. Lately, the deaths of famous people through suicide have changed people’s attitude towards the subject, with the encouragement to publicly discuss it. Shocking statistics reveal that approximately 45000 Americans commit suicide every year. The reasons behind the high figures lie in the fear and misunderstanding surrounding suicide, which leads to a general lack of counter-actions.


We have witnessed the establishment of organizations fighting diseases such as cancer, heart disease, fight against violence, but no awareness against suicide. For so long, suicide has been treated as a secret, due to the level of vulnerability displayed and the public acknowledgement of depression. Ara Chackerian divulges that friends and relatives of suicide carry the burden of shame and guilt with their wishful thinking that they would have helped before the situation went too far. Suicide receives a lot of stigma because people do not know how to react.  To see more you can visit


The recognition that people from all social classes are potential victims of suicide should create a sparkling interest in the subject. It is a pity to lose lives to suicide while so many others are fighting for their lives. Some celebrities have come forward to admit their struggle with depression while friends and family of various suicide victims admitting their losses. Recently, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has been receiving lots of calls from people struggling with depression and other parties who would like to learn how to reach out and help individuals who might be contemplating suicide. You can visit for more info.




OSI industries: What They Do and Why They Do It

OSI industries deal with the production of food, and it started from a very modest level but never gave up as its gradual growth saw to it that its penetration extended in many countries. The total number of employees back then was 20,000, and they were all distributed in 65 facilities.The humility, in this case, lies with the fact that they all agreed to be spread all over 17 countries. Otto Kolschowsky began OSI industries with a view of meeting needs that the family had, but amidst the quest for subsistence satisfaction, the company grew bigger.

The drive towards the same was driven by the desire to become better in America as he was an immigrant who was looking forward to leading the life that the rest of the residents led.

OSI industries grew as a result of the knowledge that Otto and the family had regarding the butchery work. The beef production thus made him famous, and this can be attributed to the sale of quality products to customers in Oak Park Neighborhood.

Also, through the experience that he had, businesses such as hotels and restaurants began relying on him for beef supply. He also did an expansion from the small retail store to the wholesale business operation that now made amounts to a broad market range.

Of importance to note is that the advice to engage in an expansion was all due to the encouragement that he got from his father who was also well acquainted with business knowledge.

Additionally, other avenues of expansion came about for OSI Industries when McDonald’s beef supply business required a merger. Otto and sons, which was the name well known for OSI industries were lucky enough to get a chance to supply to the organization.

The two firms made history, they survived, co-existed and even became more profitable and productive together. Through many diverse ranges that they applied a well as the consolidation, OSI managed to run their manufacturing and distribution of beef products globally.

The countries that highly rely on their services include India and Vegan as the nations treasure the quality proteins offered in the company.

Thinking about gradual growth, it may not be as easy as the words suggest, but the company is one significant example of a successful organization. It began small, like a butcher shop but as at now, the industry is a considerable beef supply organization that performs perfectly well.

The reason for their excellence is the production of quality products as well as the concern for the customer.

What Matt Badiali Believes Will Happen to Energy Consumption

Chinese Stocks Are the Most Inexpensive They Have Been

Say whatever you want regarding the trade war strategy by Trump administration, but one thing is certainly clear, it is creating a historic chance to purchase China’s biggest companies. For instance, iShares China Large-Cap ETF, which traded on NYSE: FX and it’s down around 10 percent year-to-date. It appears that for every 200-billion-dollar poker chip that the administration pushes to the middle of the table, investors are taking several billion dollars more off of it through selling Chinese stocks.

Chinese Miners and Their Love for Certain Metals

The portfolio of ETF is carrying big stakes and in the likes of very successful Chinese internet companies such as Tencent Holdings plus telecoms such as China Mobile and banks, insurance, chemicals, and oil. It’s generally a play on China’s economic growth. The price you are paying for this growth, relative to profits, is coming with some of the affordable price (in terms of dollars) tags in years. While excitement over the EV (electric vehicle) revolution cools down in the United States, miners from China continue betting on its future. Up to 2018, miners of lithium were the poster kid for speculators who wanted to cash in on electric vehicles. That resulted in the boom plus the bust of miners of lithium in short order. The base metal bulls are now taking a breather and the extended trade war between China and the United States is damaging both country’s growth outlook. Trouble in Turkey, Italy, and Argentina shook the confidence of investors in emerging markets. That’s tempering expectations for base metal demand and growth.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali believes energy consumption will change in a huge way. There’s going to be a significant shift towards a world that’s electricity centered as opposed to fossil fuels focused industry that we have today. Matt Badiali stated that the only thing that’s holding people back from getting the week is just battery technology. Matt Badiali continued saying that once the technology will be available that can produce a battery that’s able to store enough power that can supply a whole city, the shift will definitely be made.