Ara Chackerian: Suicide – the Silent Killer

Ara Chackerian is an investor and entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. He has spent of his career life dedicating himself to the research and improvement of the health sector in collaboration with technology. He is the co-founder and board member of the TMS Health Solutions, an organization dedicated to providing treatment for treatment-resistant depression. Recently, Ara Chackerian addressed the issue of suicide focusing on shunning away the stigma behind the scandalous act.


Chackerian admits that majority people are uncomfortable talking about suicide even though it claims more than 100 lives daily globally. The news and obituaries polish on the cause of death ensuring there is no mention of it or announcing a falsified cause of the same. Lately, the deaths of famous people through suicide have changed people’s attitude towards the subject, with the encouragement to publicly discuss it. Shocking statistics reveal that approximately 45000 Americans commit suicide every year. The reasons behind the high figures lie in the fear and misunderstanding surrounding suicide, which leads to a general lack of counter-actions.


We have witnessed the establishment of organizations fighting diseases such as cancer, heart disease, fight against violence, but no awareness against suicide. For so long, suicide has been treated as a secret, due to the level of vulnerability displayed and the public acknowledgement of depression. Ara Chackerian divulges that friends and relatives of suicide carry the burden of shame and guilt with their wishful thinking that they would have helped before the situation went too far. Suicide receives a lot of stigma because people do not know how to react.  To see more you can visit


The recognition that people from all social classes are potential victims of suicide should create a sparkling interest in the subject. It is a pity to lose lives to suicide while so many others are fighting for their lives. Some celebrities have come forward to admit their struggle with depression while friends and family of various suicide victims admitting their losses. Recently, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has been receiving lots of calls from people struggling with depression and other parties who would like to learn how to reach out and help individuals who might be contemplating suicide. You can visit for more info.




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