OSI Industries: Increasing Growth Momentum

OSI Industries is one of the biggest food companies in the world. In the past few decades, the company has gained momentum in terms of growth. A change of management was sufficient to put the company on a path of success. After working in the banking sector as an executive and an investment manager, Sheldon Lavin joined this company as a managing partner. A few years later he was made the Chairman and CEO, he was experienced than other partners and therefore was most suited to take over the management of operations in the company. Sheldon joining OSI Industries is perhaps the best things that happened to this company. Some people might tend to think that the transformation of the company after meeting McDonald’s was the true turning point, but is Sheldon Lavin who has molded this food company into what we see today.

OSI Industries is now a leading company in the world because the leadership knows what deserves to be done to get the company performing well. Sheldon assisted by David McDonald has placed the company in a path of growth. The two leaders have propelled the company into prominence. They have brought their experienced minds together to create a company which is going beyond borders easily.

OSI Industries is one of the companies which have transformed the food industry by addressing the pertinent issues that people would love to see addressed. We are no longer living at a time when people feared processed foods. The growth of this business is doing very well, and very soon it seems that the operations of the company will be worldwide. The company has already taken over various markets outside of the United States. In 2016, OSI acquired two companies in Europe, Flagship Europe, and Baho Food, to boost production in the local market.

OSI Industries is determined to meet the needs of all customers in all locations they are currently found in. The global expansion plans of this company are going on well and very soon the company will be operating in more countries. Currently, they are in 17 countries. The growth of the company is a product of dedication by selfless leaders. From the founder, Otto Kolschoswky to the current CEO Sheldon Lavin, they have all held the success of this business as a paramount thing. Sheldon Lavin is on his twilight years as the CEO, but he is grooming the next team to lead the company.

Find more about OSI Industries: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-OSI-Group-LLC-EI_IE19677.11,24.htm

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