How You Can Avoid A Hostile Work Environment At Neurocore and Much More

There are numerous factors that contribute to a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment can happen in most workplaces, including Neuroscore. The challenge is recognizing when it happens and trying to reduce the impacts. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

How can you do that? What should you be looking at?

1) The person you work with at Neuroscore could be harassing you using horrible language. The person could be making discriminatory references. They might not think anything of it, but you do. The first thing you should try to do is talk to them. Tell the person you do not like what they are saying to you. They are going to defuse the situation by saying “it is a joke.” Everyone interprets a joke differently. You might not think it is funny. That is why it is essential that everyone takes other’s feelings into account.

2) The next thing you need to do is write down everything they said at Neuroscore. You are going to need to in case you talk to someone at HR. Some hostile work environments need to get defused in HR. How can you defend yourself when you did not write anything down. We live in a “he said, she said” world. The honor and integrity of someone’s word do not count anymore. You need to have the proof. That way Neuroscore can keep it on file and you feel vindicated.


3) Did the person send you inappropriate emails, texts, and pics? They need to be saved and filed away. It all comes down to evidence. You need to show them the evidence, or they are not going to believe you.


I want to set the record straight here. Neurocore is a very respectable place to work. You can see the results on the Indeed site and LinkedIn pages. I am only warning you about the possibility of what could happen. It is better to be prepared. I have seen and heard about this happening too much. My job is to help warn you about the possibilities. The rest is up to you. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

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