OSI Group Strategy of Dominating the World’s Food Industry

The journey to becoming one of the world’s largest food products provider began in 1909. Since then, OSI Group dedication to offering quality products to their clients has never wavered. A company that was once operating in the USA alone has moved to other 17 nations and employed over 20,000 people. The growth of OSI Group is as a result of the commitment of its leaders to dominate the food market globally and the hard work of its employees. It has become a growing presence in the modern globalized economy. Its specialized in supplying value-added products including pork, beef, pizza, hamburger patties to mention few.

OSI group expansion and innovation is going on at an impressive rate and so far it has established 65 facilities in the 17 countries its running operations. In recent years, it has carried out various acquisitions as part of its growth strategy. In 2016, it acquired Boho Food, which is a food product company that manufactures deli meats and other snacks and supplies to food retailing companies. The goal for this undertaking was to improve the presence of OSI Industries in Europe.

It also acquired Flagship Europe in 2016, which is a supplier of food products in the UK market. It supplies pies, frozen poultry, dressings, sauces, among others. Its acquisition offers OSI Industries access to a wider market in the United Kingdom. In 2017, is also carried out another expansion plan in the European market. The food company introduced a high capacity line in the facility located in Toledo, Spain.

The initiative in Spain has doubled the facility’s processing capacity. Before, the facility was processing 12,000 tons of chicken products annually and has now doubled to 24,000 tons. The change in the processing capacity of the chicken has pushed up the total capacity of the facility to 45,000 tons every year that includes of other products such as pork and beef. OSI Group also had to hire 20 people to add them to the facility’s workforce.

OSI carried out this plan because the demand in Spain and Portugal is increasing rapidly. The change in demand was consistent at 6% for a number of years, but recently, it has been growing at 8% every year. The company hopes to keep on implementing its expansion plan in other parts of the world.

About OSI Group: www.career.cals.iastate.edu/osi-group

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