Meet Steve Ritchie: A Committed Leader

Steve Ritchie is actually the Chief Executive Officers of one of the biggest pizza firms in the entire world, Papa John’s International. He has been here for several years, not less than 22. He joined it in the year 1996. He became the CEO of this great firm in the first month of 2018. He lives in a place called Hikes Point, Louisville, Kentucky. He attended Seneca High School.

At first, Steve Ritchie was actually a customer representative at the Papa John’s International. At this position, he used to earn approximately six dollars per hour. In the year 2006, Steve became Papa John’s franchise owner as well as the operator. He actually started occupying leadership positions at this great company in the year 2010. He was promoted to a level of being the Chief Operating Officer in the year 2014.

2015 was actually one of the most successful years. He was chosen to be the company’s president. In general terms, this great man has been successful in every task assigned to the company. He likes working hard for the good of both the company and the customers. Some of the positions he held successfully before being promoted to the level of the presidency include store general manager, delivery driver, customer representative, and director of operations.

As the new CEO of this great company, Steve Ritchie will play an important role when it comes to the firm’s global development and enhancing brand’s digital as well as customer experience evolution. Steve made it clear that he will work around the clock to ensure that the company provides world-class experiences to its customers. He said that achieving this is likely to be a walk in the park since they have put all measures in place and they are ready and willing.

More about Papa Johns

The company has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been ranked severally as the third-biggest pizza delivery firm in the entire world. Consumers have been rating the company as number one in matters regarding consumer satisfaction in the United States of America for more than sixteen years. The firm works around the clock and has invested heavily to ensure its services and products exceed the needed standards.

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