Equities First Holdings Enters the Australian Market by Acquiring Meridian Equity Partners

In 2014, Equities First Holdings (EFH), expert in offering stock-based loans for individual and institutional investors, acquired Meridian Equity Partners in Australia. The company, from then onwards, is operating as Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

According to Al Christy, the president and man who founded Equity First Holdings, 2014 was an outstanding expansion year for the company. Equities First Holding international expansion led to the growth of over 30% in closed financing transactions during its last three years of business, and was continually setting more pace in 2014. Due to the increased business, the company’s global workforce also went up by close to 50% since 2012.

The growth of EFH, according to Al Christy, can be attributed to its transparency and efficiency in offering much needed financial solutions that fulfill the different needs of its clients. Additionally, Equities First Holdings has a qualified team of experts that provide the best-in-class consumer experience. It is the wish of Equities First Holdings to continue investing in its operations and infrastructure to maintain its status as the global partner of choice.

Ever since its founding in 2002, Equities First Holdings has conducted close to 1000 transactions for its diverse clients ranging from ultra and high net worth persons. The location of Equity First Holdings Australia is Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. You can also contact the company on telephone number: +61 3 8688 7191.

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Barbara Stokes’ GSH Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

United States’ Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana experienced a tropical cyclone, which was ranked the second most costly cyclone ever experienced in the country. The cyclone referred to as Hurricane Harvey costed the state government an amount totaling to 125 billion dollars. For most affected Americans, the process of rebuilding their lives was challenging. As a result, the state government sort the help of other organizations such as Green Structure Homes, GSH, based in Alabama. GSH was established by Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes in 2008. Recognized as Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC, it is a contact company that offers disaster relief and provides a diverse range of solutions to both private and public clients. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

GSH , in partnership with the United State government lead the country in the march to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey. GSH works with engineering strategies, art designs and manufacture. The contact company provided the affected families with temporary houses. The partnership was brought about by Barbara’s previous work with the state governments’ agencies such as Homeland Security Department, Missile Defense and Defense Department. Their custom-made temporary houses, for commercial and residential purposes, have been used mostly in disaster regions such as military bases. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Barbara Stokes appreciated the company’s engineering team for their impeccable talent in designing the temporary houses. Barbara also disclosed that the firm is looking for innovative ways to improve the houses to be more comfortable, durable and much safer. GSH is also dedicated to help in any other disasters.

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The Matthew Fleeger: The President and the CEO of Oil and Gas Company

Gulf Coast Western is a private company founded back in 1970, in Dallas in the United States. It has other locations in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The company focuses on the exploration of gas and oil. The company is also known as a joint venture as it involves partnerships. The company focuses on a relatively well-developed terrain. This is to say, and the terrain should consist of well-defined geographical and geological properties. Gulf Coast Western is exploring to expand to new other stations in the United States.

Matthew Fleeger is currently the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western Company. The Company specializes in the exploration of oil and gas. He is highly ranked for his professionalism in oil and gas exploration, waste management and industrial tanning activities. Mainly known for his outstanding leadership qualities such as strategic is planning, contract negotiation, team building as well as entrepreneurial skills.

Before his current role, he was the founder of MedSolutions where he served as both CEO and president for 13 good years. His role in MedSolutions was specialized in transportation and disposal of medical wastes. Moreover, he was a successful and renowned entrepreneur in the tanning industry. Fleeger earned his degree from the University Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Upon completion of his studies, he implanted his skills with oil and gas companies.

Exploration and research

The company mainly targets on exploration and land acquisition activities within the regions that are rich in oil and gas. Also, the company focuses on potential land within regions of USA that can be expanded soon. To facilitate quality exploration of oil and gas, the company is in partnerships with more a thousand certified collaborators worldwide. Gulf Coast Western maintains its code of ethics and the company’s integrity thus resulting in high standards of oil and exploration.

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Eminent Success by Vijay Eswaran and QI Group in Entrepreneurial World

Vijay Eswaran is a global business leader, author, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and the executive chairman of the QI group. Vijay proved to be a go-getter from the word go. He financed his tertiary education at the London School of Economics and later at the University of Southern Illinois, USA where he earned an MBA. This education equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary for battle in the business world.

Vijay is an accomplished entrepreneur who has won several awards and honors courtesy of his special entrepreneurial abilities; they include; Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership during the 18th Malaysian Education Summit, and also Pannasastra University conferred him an Honorary Doctorate in Economics and Global Business in 2016.QI group of companies is a conglomerate that specializes in a wide array of businesses, including real estate, retail, hospitality, direct sales, and education. Under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran, QI has grown into a far-reaching company with its presence in 30 countries across the globe and key regional offices in, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Further, the company focuses on improving urban lifestyles, facilitating people with entrepreneurial solutions and transforming the education sector. QI is rapidly expanding its horizons, through creating superior interrelated ventures, strategic investments in the global markets and providing high-end products and services around the world. Vijay notes that the idea of begin QI Group came from his early life in University when he used to make presentations on the network market. At first, it appeared like the twelfth of never; however, later when he laid it into practice, it worked like magic.

The entrepreneurial genius believes the time he takes silence in the morning allows him to view things in a different aspect, avoid being swayed by emotions and rational thoughts in making judgments. Besides, teamwork enables him to get a variety of standpoints on a particular idea or subject to help him view it even more vivid. Along with busy schedules, Vijay Eswaran and his company participated in charities across the world. Every year he assists in the construction of the children’s home, hospitals, and helping the elderly. Additionally, his books are devoted to assisting individuals towards the positive side of success. His philanthropist actions earned him recognition by Forbes Asia as one of the heroes of Philanthropy.

What You Need to Do About Classified Ads for Job Openings

The very first step in submitting an application for a job is job hunting. A job posting ought to be treated to be an advertisement. Or, it might be coming open in the future, but the company might not be advertising it yet for some reason. Just for example, let’s say that you’re trying to locate the new job. In the present economy, many men and women wish to understand how to locate a new job and are searching for job search ideas.  leolist

If you’re looking for work, it is simple to browse through different listings. Today you may apply for work by means of a job websites, employer site, job forums, social networking sites and of course through traditional procedure of newspaper and resource management offices. The second method is to refine your job that is suitable for your profile and go online. So, sitting at house you can discover a perfect job for yourself.

Most individuals want permanent finding a job or in order to receive filled. Gov job is just one of the options that provides much security in job. Should you need job, you should begin studying the listings in the employment classifieds. Indeed is currently the world’s biggest job search engine, and you may post jobs on Indeed at no cost. If you’ve been wondering where can I locate a job in my region, here are a few suggestions that might be helpful to you, whether you wish to find a full-time or a part-time position.

The classifieds are inclined to be broken up into various categories. They are also great for finding a job in another location. DPO’s Guaranteed Classifieds include Colorado’s biggest variety of job ads and supply you the ease of searchability and having the ability to read Sunday ads all week.

Definitions of Classified Ads for Job Openings
You will now need to verify your post via email. Your post is completely submitted whenever your payment information is accepted. If a gas station posts a listing for a mechanic for $25, and not one of the applicants in the initial 24 hours is a great match, the chance that the station will be given an appropriate application through the remainder of the 30-day post is quite small, recruiters say. You will likewise find job postings from larger employers also.

If you post 50 ads in 1 day working with the exact email address, you can be guaranteed they email address is going to be ghosted. It is possible to then copy the ad on other sites so long as they allow the subsequent features that my website and others do and you don’t repeat the very same precise ad on the identical website. Ads have to be accepted by the NSBA. So far as recruitment ads are involved, newspaper posts are a good medium for job seekers and recruiters to connect with one another. Hindustan Times Recruitment ads can be booked on the internet with the aid of a couple of finger clicks. Even in the event that you attempt the system wouldn’t approve your advertisement. In the last step, select the date when you wish to release the advertisement and produce the payment.

Tons of times, people placed an ad when they are searching for a new job. If you any hiring manager placing an ad to fill work, make certain you let potential applicants know just what you require. Don’t laugh a number of the ads are so small this to read them in a crowded page you truly will need to focus and concentrate. You won’t even have to set your own ad to acquire a position filled. As an example, folks feel more comfortable posting an on-line ad within their very own community versus posting an ad throughout their state or, in some instances, the full country. Once you have bought the proper classified ad, you are going to receive an email with a link and instructions about how to create your posting.

Besides reaching out to the target audience, it is also helpful to explore a lot about the manner in which you can remodel your business enterprise. So, it has become even more troublesome to advertise and promote your business enterprise and inform your potential clients about your real estate agency. You need to be careful, however, because some businesses might not be legit. Nearly all the companies have started using internet to publicize job openings in their company organizations. Many businesses will do exactly that.

Who Else Wants to Learn About Classified Ads for Job Openings?
You may use the internet and hunt for job openings on areas close to your location. Working on the various search engines and green jobs found on the internet can be achieved with focus and life values. There are lot of sites readily available online who provide the most recent notifications of all of the upcoming jobs.

Talkspace – The Freedom to Pick a Therapist You are Comfortable with

Many mental health issues have been spreading across the globe wildly in the last couple of decades due to the changing lifestyle of the people. The amount of pressure at work and the transcending social dynamics combine to make it difficult for some people to cope and it eventually leads to disturbed mental health. If you are suffering from depression and want to go for therapy, but traditional therapy costs too much for you, then choose Talkspace online therapy as an alternative. Talkspace would make sure that you can get the clinical diagnosis you need for your mental health and the features it provides for e-counseling are very flexible to align with the lifestyle of people in today’s date. Read more at medicaldailytimes.com to know more about Talkspace.

Talkspace provides people with the opportunity to connect with the experienced, licensed and professional therapists online through their mobile phones without the need to travel to the office of the therapist. It is a convenient solution for many who are uncomfortable with the in-office therapy sessions or are not able to take out time from their schedule to travel for in-office therapy sessions. One of the significant reasons that have contributed to the growth of Talkspace is that it offers affordable therapy for people and has successfully bought smiles on the faces of over a million of its clients already. You can benefit from the services of Talkspace as well if you think that problems like depression and anxiety are taking a toll on your mental health.

Talk space allow its clients to change their therapists if they do not click after a few sessions together. In in-person therapy, the procedure can be tough and may take a lot of time. It can also result in an awkward conversation with your current therapist on why you want to change. But, with Talkspace, all you need to do is get in touch with the executive, and you will be assigned a new therapist. Read more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talkspace

Here is How You Can Promote Your Business Using Press Releases for Free

Small business, as well as start-ups, have reluctances in operation best press release distribution to market their brand name. Some presume that just prominent solutions can afford it.

With little to no budget strategy in all, you can use launches in marketing your company. Below are implies you can use this project to generate a buzz regarding your organization:

Product, internet site or service launch.

When you are merely starting, you can create a launch to permit the public to learn about your solution. You can also provide whenever you have a brand-new product.

Sharing relevant information like the grand opening of your store, internet website or product presenting through releases is the very best implies to create recognition of your brand. When you get a promotion, you can draw in brand-new qualified leads in addition to sales that will definitely help your brand name in expanding.

Collaborations or collaborations.

If your service is collaborating with a new business, you can provide launch to notify everyone regarding your organisation growth. Companies are signs that your organisation is proceeding.

You can make up a release to get words out concerning the favorable alterations in your business. Sharing news similar to this can promote brand understanding, authority, as well as trust.

It is an indication that you are regarded a specialist in your field. No solution will want collaborating with you if you are less than professional as well as has a poor on the internet track record.

Holding a meeting or event.

You want to make certain that people recognize the tasks that you are funding. When you conduct jobs similar to this, extra people will locate you.

It’s a superb approach to bring in spotlights as well as additionally audiences. You can get to target audience at a different degree. Furthermore, it is an approach to expose your expertise.

Doing this can improve the consumers rely on your brand name. You build an actual photo which is crucial in the business.

Rates and plan changes.

Your audiences must have to understand the updates in your business, including plan and additionally rates adjustments. Alerting them ahead of time remains free from difficulty and also issues that involve your firm intends.

If you do not update them with the modifications in plans and also costs, you might shed your consumers. They might change brand names also if they aren’t anticipating these alterations.

Educating your consumers is a means to allow them identify that you look after them. Any adjustment can influence their acquiring choices, so see to it that you do what is proper.


Another method to market your company is by composing material each time you honor turning points. Sharing necessary success like anniversaries, getting to the 10,000 the client or any type of spots is worth providing a launch.

It’s an outstanding technique to develop your online credibility. When individuals recognize that they are looking after winning brand names, they realize that they remain in fantastic hands. Sharing your landmarks give the customers a reason that they choose you over your competitors.

Media protection by a nationwide media.

Informing people that a national paper or publication covered you is not boasting. It’s a method to notify individuals that maintain your brand what kind of firm they are maintaining.

If a nationwide press given you insurance coverage, picture what the viewers will consider your brand? It will definitely improve the assumption that they are not wrong for trusting your brand.
It makes you an authority in your market. It’s a fast technique to make followers as well as additionally followers.

Existing study results.

An extra means to promote your firm is by sharing case study results. You can share with the general public the result of your research study to enlighten them if a technology finding or info.

You can utilize the information and also infographics in your launch to offer the lead to an extremely easy means. Making use of these representations makes it a lot easier to absorb.

There is a lot of appropriate aspe

cts to use a news release in advertising your business. It offers to help startups as well as little firms due to the fact that it is a corresponding advertising and marketing device that can help them to spread the details worrying their trademark name.

Steve Ritchie: Papa John’s Top Management is Sorry

Papa John’s has been very successful since the first time it started its operations in the market. The company was doing well and making money until its top executive started making a bad impact in the brand that was very popular in the market. The pizza company that was making headlines in all corners of the world started to register low sales. The company has a new chief executive officer who wants to resolve all the issues before things get worse. Steve Ritchie has taken his role as chief executive officer very seriously, and the results are clear that he is doing an excellent job. When Papa John’s got a new leader, things had to change very fast. The top management had to take a move to calm the consumers who were determined to bring the company down. Steve Ritchie first decided to write a simple letter to all the customers, explaining the current situation and promising to take charge of the situation as fast as possible.

According to the new company CEO, the past weeks have been the hardest since the company was founded. Steve Ritchie has been working with the company for over twenty-two years, and he has always provided the solutions with the company need. Steve Ritchie admitted that the words that were uttered by the former leader were very offensive to the community, and he was very sorry to all the people. Steve Ritchie, however, says that the words of the former chief executive were not representing the views of the company he has worked for and helped to grow for over two decades. The businessman accepts that the words were not in good tastes, and he is very sorry and willing to train his employees so that a similar mistake doesn’t take place in the future.

The customers who love to take the products from Papa Johns do not have a reason to worry any more. According to Papa John’s new CEO, insensitive language and any racism are not tolerated in the company. Any member of staff who will be found using such remarks will face tough actions from the company. Steve Ritchie is passionate about the growth of his company, and nothing will stop him from giving his clients the best services at all times.