Steve Ritchie: Papa John’s Top Management is Sorry

Papa John’s has been very successful since the first time it started its operations in the market. The company was doing well and making money until its top executive started making a bad impact in the brand that was very popular in the market. The pizza company that was making headlines in all corners of the world started to register low sales. The company has a new chief executive officer who wants to resolve all the issues before things get worse. Steve Ritchie has taken his role as chief executive officer very seriously, and the results are clear that he is doing an excellent job. When Papa John’s got a new leader, things had to change very fast. The top management had to take a move to calm the consumers who were determined to bring the company down. Steve Ritchie first decided to write a simple letter to all the customers, explaining the current situation and promising to take charge of the situation as fast as possible.

According to the new company CEO, the past weeks have been the hardest since the company was founded. Steve Ritchie has been working with the company for over twenty-two years, and he has always provided the solutions with the company need. Steve Ritchie admitted that the words that were uttered by the former leader were very offensive to the community, and he was very sorry to all the people. Steve Ritchie, however, says that the words of the former chief executive were not representing the views of the company he has worked for and helped to grow for over two decades. The businessman accepts that the words were not in good tastes, and he is very sorry and willing to train his employees so that a similar mistake doesn’t take place in the future.

The customers who love to take the products from Papa Johns do not have a reason to worry any more. According to Papa John’s new CEO, insensitive language and any racism are not tolerated in the company. Any member of staff who will be found using such remarks will face tough actions from the company. Steve Ritchie is passionate about the growth of his company, and nothing will stop him from giving his clients the best services at all times.


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