Support Lee May’s 10k Run

Beamridge is a construction company stationed in the United Kingdom. The business was founded in 2013. It was also known as FS Contracting Ltd. The directors who invested in the business have over 100 years of experience in the construction industry. Beamridge construction are the innovators of construction. These masters of architecture design residential and commercial structures. Beamridge has the highest quality and standards when it comes to their profession; leaving their competitors at a stand still. Furthermore, making a relationship with their clients that will last a lifetime. Although their manufacturing is top of the line; they are big supporters and sponsors of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Beamridge assists the boxing club to allow the young men to further their training and open as many opportunities as possible.


Lee May is the Senior Partner of Beamridge Ltd. He is hosting a fundraiser for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Lee is about to embark on a 10k run to help The Nemesis ABC purchase a mini bus. His goal is £20,000. All proceeds will be given to the boxing club for their efforts. Lee loves the sport of boxing and is very proud to be a sponsor of their club. Even though he is an ecstatic boxing fan he also supports the family friendly environment that the Nemesis ABC provides. He has started crowdfunding and is 13% to his initial goal. He needs all the support he can get. No matter how big or small the donation is, all will be appreciated.