The Realreal’s Product Sales and Selection

The RealReal is an imminent retailer diving into the beauty space. They are set to avail quality products that range from clothing to all beauty accessories. They are key to bring on board a variety of beauty products that are in line with the sustainable positioning in luxury. The RealReal is a commendable testing beauty. It operates a pop up in Las Vegas, brick-and-mortar located in SoHo, Manhattan. They have added great goods and beauty products that are attractive to consumers and uniquely assorted to fit into each one’s needs. From trusted industry sources, it is said that the products have been on move and sale at the SoHo store since the beginning of the holiday season. Moreover, they are also being sold in Las Vegas.

The company’s chief executive officer, Rati Levesque said that they are accurately testing a good number of the beauty products in the online platform and at the brick and mortar areas. They aim to ensure that there is a complete journey for all customers. Rati added that they would also be pleased to have views from the luxury consumers as well as ensure they remain trusted to them in their journey. This would mean they would stay on top of service bringing on board a wide range of covetable luxury products in all the categories of beauty and clothing. This is a firm assurance that one will not lack anything and quality is greatly assured. Rati concluded that the company is in the initial stages and taking baby steps to invest in each category of products, which is assured to be completely done in next few months.

Looking into the nature and the kind of products availed, the company is dedicated to selling to the prospective consumer’s goods that re of clean beauty and in wide varieties. Some of these include Babo Botanicals, Kahina Giving Beauty, Julisis, Cap Beauty, Uma Oils, Joanna Vargas, Pai Skincare, and Elis Brooklyn among many others. These products are directly sold to The RealReal and not through any intermediary or distributor. The entire beauty industry recognizes beauty as a means for any retailer to bring in more clients to their stores alongside making their products sound original and established in the market.