Sharon Prince and Grace Farms work with Carrie Mae Weems

As a greatly influential American artist, Carrie Mae Weems has the ability to capture the power of space. Carrie recognizes the importance of taking space and she is able to present this as a portrait of taking space in today’s society.

Performing her current piece Past Tense over at Grace Farms, she challenges individuals to think of the space race, injustice, violence and inequality inhabits. With a group of highly talented artists behind her, Carrie’s words cut through and call out for people to be conscious of injustice and mindless violence running rampant.

As a visual performer, Carrie’s words and the physical work provided by the artists detail how violent people have been and how that could ultimately become our undoing. When she asks people to think about what someone else’s life is worth and how the pointless violence has to end, it can prove tougher than some can imagine.

Despite this, the message is not without a glimmer of hope that education and application can bring about true change, giving thought to those who are not us.

The scope of Carrie’s work touching on dark topics in society can be shown in the way her works for decades line up with what Sharon Prince and Grace Farms have been seeking to do around the world. Grace Farms always came with the intention to do good and spread peace to people of many backgrounds. They only continue to do so, for example, with Carrie Mae Weems performing her work and carrying out her residency within their spaces hoping to inspire others to consider those behind what they know.

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Entrepreneur Edwin Miranda Shares His Biggest Inspirations

Edwin Miranda is the founder and chief executive officer of a marketing agency, KOI IXS. He has helped many global brands increase their revenues and market share over the past two decades in the advertising world. He uses performance marketing to drive brand growth which creates meaningful engagement with consumers. He says that the world is constantly changing and being part of this evolution is his passion.

By using performance marketing Edwin Miranda can provide his clients with a compelling mix of innovation and creativity. The results are measurable and feature performance-based KPI’s. He uses omnichannel solutions, analytics, and data-driven strategies in order to provide a great return on investment for his clients.

Edwin Miranda came up with the concept of KOI IXS when he was just age 21. He said that his company is a combination of old school advertising wisdom and the marketing technologies of the present world. He bases a lot of his thoughts about advertising on his favorite book, “Predictive Marketing”. He has said that this book changed his outlook and expanded Edwin Miranda’s knowledge of what advertising can do. There is a new paradigm in the world of marketing, he says, and it involves new ways of interacting with and using technology that deliver new ways of buying and experiencing advertisements. He is an advocate of data-driven marketing instead of the old one-size-fits-all way of doing things.

Another inspiration for Edwin Miranda is Oliver Napoleon Hill. He says that this self-help author has taught him a lot, especially the book “Think and Grow Rich”. He sees that thoughts are things and highly powerful. If you mix a great thought with a burning desire the outcome can be riches. He says that he leads the team at KOI IXS with passion and desire and the result has been many satisfied clients.

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Is “Becoming Digital” In Africa Important To Isabel dos Santos

During her speech, Isabel dos Santos also stressed that to be able to focus on the technologic advancement in Africa there are key areas such the balance and continuity of the legal framework when attracting purchase and work creation. These types of is highly recommended being a priority, to ensure that the region becomes interesting and in a position to retain youthful talent.

“We possess to market a much better existence for all within our house countries and utilize a concentrate on people and the durability of the surroundings, ” the girl said.

Isabel dos Santos also mentioned the need for quality in Education as an integral to the advancement and development of growing countries, straining that “quality education, invention and technology will allow us to grow and get rid of the existing gap among Africa and all of those other globes. “Isabel dos Santos also spoke about a few examples of advancement in Angola’s recent history and how technological advancements have experienced an essential effect on the reconstruction, GDP development and sped up development from the country (Premiergazette).

Whilst highlighting the part of companies such as portable operator UniteI, which released a collaboration with Google for a submarine fiber optic cable connection relating Africa, Brazil, and the USA, Dos Santos mentioned the need for assisting smaller businesses, and promoting local creation, through purchasing and procurement in the national marketplace to: “create even more and better possibilities designed for Africans, to meet up their requirements, and donate to their well-being, we have to fulfill the targets of the customers and deliver the same regular and quality Level similar to other customer, in virtually any element of the world”.

Isabel dos Santos also added that technology was utilized by Unitel to help, fight and stop wechselfieber in Angola, and also the safety of the Palanca Negra Ginga. Africa Peak is arranged by the Western European Conservatives and Reformists Group and is supposed to exchange greatest practice between your EU and African countries in essential areas, such as for example democracy, protection, economy, medical issues, aufstrebend technologies, the usage of development help, and creating a future romantic relationship on trade cooperation.

Adam Milstein: A Pro-Israeli Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is an American-Israeli activist. He was born in Haifa, Israel and moved to the United States in the early 1980s in pursuit of farther education. He joined the University of Southern Carolina where he attained his MBA. He later started working in the real estate industry. Today, he is a prominent real estate entrepreneur and the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Through the real estate business, he has made some considerable contributions to the development of the Jewish Community both in the United States and back in Israel. His acts of philanthropy have seen him scoop a spot in the 2017 list of Top 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneur. A body known as Richtopia creates the list. Some prominent names which have appeared on the same list include Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

Adam Milstein is a pro-Israeli activist and philanthropist. He serves on the board of various organizations that seek to make the Jewish community stronger. He has worked on bringing a change for Israeli-Americans for many years now. Together with his wife, Adam Milstein has established a philanthropic foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Milstein is also the co-founder of Israeli-American Council (IAC).

Adam Milstein is dedicated to strengthening the Jewish people. Milstein has deep roots in his motherland. In his young life, he participated in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Milstein has maintained this strong bond with Israel, decades after he left for the United States. He aims to see the Jewish community resist discrimination which they normally face in the form of Antisemitism. This hate against the Jews has been used by radical groups to discriminate the Jews, something Adam Milstein is dedicated to fighting.

Adam Milstein has funded various pro-Israeli programs, especially those targeting the young generation. He believes that the future of the community lies on young people. If they are brought up to be proud Jews, then the enemies of the community will have no place to execute their evil plans. One of the goals of the radical groups is to see the elimination of the State of Israel.

What Matt Badiali Believes Will Happen to Energy Consumption

Chinese Stocks Are the Most Inexpensive They Have Been

Say whatever you want regarding the trade war strategy by Trump administration, but one thing is certainly clear, it is creating a historic chance to purchase China’s biggest companies. For instance, iShares China Large-Cap ETF, which traded on NYSE: FX and it’s down around 10 percent year-to-date. It appears that for every 200-billion-dollar poker chip that the administration pushes to the middle of the table, investors are taking several billion dollars more off of it through selling Chinese stocks.

Chinese Miners and Their Love for Certain Metals

The portfolio of ETF is carrying big stakes and in the likes of very successful Chinese internet companies such as Tencent Holdings plus telecoms such as China Mobile and banks, insurance, chemicals, and oil. It’s generally a play on China’s economic growth. The price you are paying for this growth, relative to profits, is coming with some of the affordable price (in terms of dollars) tags in years. While excitement over the EV (electric vehicle) revolution cools down in the United States, miners from China continue betting on its future. Up to 2018, miners of lithium were the poster kid for speculators who wanted to cash in on electric vehicles. That resulted in the boom plus the bust of miners of lithium in short order. The base metal bulls are now taking a breather and the extended trade war between China and the United States is damaging both country’s growth outlook. Trouble in Turkey, Italy, and Argentina shook the confidence of investors in emerging markets. That’s tempering expectations for base metal demand and growth.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali believes energy consumption will change in a huge way. There’s going to be a significant shift towards a world that’s electricity centered as opposed to fossil fuels focused industry that we have today. Matt Badiali stated that the only thing that’s holding people back from getting the week is just battery technology. Matt Badiali continued saying that once the technology will be available that can produce a battery that’s able to store enough power that can supply a whole city, the shift will definitely be made.

Stream Cares

There is a growing trend in corporate America. This trend is the realization that giving to charity can pay off in a business sense. Many companies are realizing that by donating more charity its helps people realize that they as a company care about their fellow humans. Supporting communities is also a good move in that it allows individuals to get assistance that they would otherwise be able to get. In realizing the financial benefits to the shrines many corporations are creating charitable arms of their businesses. These charitable branches are able to focus 100% of their attention on finding the best charity for their company’s money. By giving at this type of attention they are able to ensure that they are helping out the best calls available.

Stream energy was one is the first companies to realize the benefit of supporting their community. Stream energy created separate friends called stream cares. This branch focuses on helping out where they can. Stream energy believes that it is beneficial to give back. Stream cares focuses on many different projects. One of these projects that they are very proud of is their support of children in need. Stream cares focuses on providing assistance for homeless children. This assistance comes in the form of financial health as well as help with getting basic necessities. They also bring homeless children to a water park for the day. While this may sound shortsighted this generosity provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to its beneficiaries.

Another benefit of having a dedicated charitable arm of the business means that they are able to act quicker and more decisively. For instance, when hurricane Harvey devastated Houston Texas stream energy was able to act quickly. The company responded immediately to the needs of the citizens of Houston Texas. Floodwaters rose over night destroying many homes and trapping thousands in their homes. The devastation also has long-term effects on many people. It left more vulnerable individuals without home or source of income. This loss can easily put people in situations of homelessness for years after the initial disaster. Luckily organizations like stream cares were available to help people get back on their feet.


Ted Bauman, an investing expert, discussed some possible situations that can lead to the crash of a stock market. As indicated by Bauman, the present Bull Market might continue. In any case, the chances are likely that it might plunge. Bauman’s recommendation is essential due to his proven success and experience. Ted is from the United States of America, but he decided to go to South Africa to study. In South Africa, Ted Bauman specialized in economics and history, after which he proceeded with a profession in the sector of charity spanning for over two decades. He concentrated on projects involving low-cost housing which assisted numerous individuals who were living in slum areas to get decent housing facilities. One association which Ted co-founded has assisted over fourteen million individuals in many nations. In South Africa Ted Bauman accumulated a substantial amount of experience and knowledge with generally safe strategies of investment. Currently, Ted resides in the U.S, and he is tasked with writing three newsletters which are focusing on privacy, low-risk investments, asset protection and international migration. The return to ratio average, recognition to yield curve, bounce, and crash are the scenarios leading to the crash of the stock market according to Ted Bauman.

Bauman is an individual who dependably appreciates offering help to all people, by giving them proper advice. Ted has a reminder list which assists investors of cryptocurrency in the tax season. Ted Bauman indicates that gains and losses are calculated using the market value of cryptocurrency in purchase period, and gains in capital rate are connected across the different gains. Any transaction carried out by cryptocurrency is viewed as a taxable event. Self-employed business people who get paid through cryptocurrency should report it as income that is regular on the forms of tax. Individuals paying a contractor over six hundred dollars using cryptocurrencies are required to report their payments to IRS and ensure they have file 1099 form. Holders of cryptocurrency are in charge to record all their exchanges, and do a reporting process through 8949 form and should incorporate the D schedule for gains and losses. If the cash of cryptocurrency is utilized in buying alternate cryptocurrencies, then the exchange will not be viewed as a 1031 transaction.

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Mike Bagguley Receives Promotion To COO At Barclays

Mike Bagguley’s Crunchbase profile lists him as a businessman who lives in London, England. He graduated in 1988 from the University of Warwick and holds a degree in mathematics. He now works of Barclays PLC as their chief operating officer, a position he has held since June 2016. Prior to this, he had been the leader of Barclay’s macro markets business. In that position he had been tasked with creating greater efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing profitability. His success in this led to his promotion.

As the COO of Barclays’ Mike Bagguley reports directly to this company’s top executive, Tom King. This bank is in the process of overhauling its strategy and Mike Bagguley is responsible for accelerating this effort. As part of this, they have cut 7,000 positions over the course of three years and have also streamlined the investment banking side of the company. He has a lot of experience doing strategic overhauls. He put in place a new strategy when he was heading the macro markets business as that division had been hit hard by a cyclical decline as well as structural issues he inherited. After Mike Bagguley took on the role of COO at Barclay’s he also joined this bank’s executive committee as a board member.

When Mike Bagguley led the macro market business he was able to turn this division around. Revenues were up in the first year he was on the job by 3 percent. Income revenues from fixed income were down just 2 percent compared to other Street banks which had average fixed income drops of 25 percent. His efforts led to Barclay’s being one of just two banks to show better FICC revenues for 2014.

It was in 2001 that he first joined Barclay’s. He started out working on the fixed income trading desk. After working in London for a few years he was promoted to more senior roles and worked in New York, Tokyo, London, and Johannesburg.

Want Your Business To Succeed? 3 Lessons You Can Learn From Paul Herdsman

It’s not an easy thing to start and maintain a successful business. It requires know-how, hard work, and dedication. Paul Herdsman has proven that he possesses these three things, and they are the key ingredients to his success as the co-founder and also the chief operating officer of the famous NICE Global that was opened up in the year 2014 in Jamaica. Paul Herdsman was born in Jamaica but now lives in Florida.


What NICE Global Provides

NICE Global assists companies that have low overheads, want to retain their customers and boost their revenue. The company offers customer service outsourcing, back-office operations, technical and after-hour support, company sales, and outsourced email services among others. This company helps businesses skip one main problem that most customers hate, calling a business only to get a machine that doesn’t understand what they need. It’s more beneficial and less frustrating to speak to a live person.


Strong leadership is one of the main reasons for the success of this business. Paul Herdsman had to work hard to become the co-founder of the company and he has helped steer the business to where it is today. Paul shared some of the Keys To A Successful Business that has helped NICE Global to stand out.


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Create a Culture

Happy employees that feel at home won’t want to leave. It takes a lot of time and money to hire and coach new employees. Additionally, repeat customers often feel comfortable seeing familiar faces or hearing a familiar voice.


Reward your Employees

Any person can kill time while pretending to be working until the day is over. This isn’t fair to both the business and other employees who are dedicated and work hard on a daily basis. To avoid such problems, Paul Herdsman advises businesses to reward employees based on their performance.


Solve Problems for your Clients

Successful businesses are those that help solve problems for their customers. Problem solvers quickly rise in the business world. Paul Herdsman advises companies to become problems solvers by asking their clients the right questions.