Dick DeVos Is Given The Nod To Join The FAA’s Management Advisory Council

You have probably heard of the DeVos family name. They have been all over the political spectrum since the 2016 election. In fact, President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos to the 11th Office of US Education Secretary in 2017 after he was elected. Betsy DeVos has been a polarizing figure and a champion for educational choice. Her husband Dick DeVos has also been working towards a political career. He recently joined the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration.


Dick DeVos has always wanted to work in aviation. He has been a pilot for many years, and he has become a successful pilot school founder along with his wife. Together, they built the West Michigan Aviation Academy, where students can train to become pilots. DeVos has plenty of experience in that regard. He has several licenses to fly helicopters and jets, but it’s his passion to also help out airports.


In fact, Dick DeVos is credited with putting Grand Rapids on the map. He started by working with business leaders in town. He wanted to help them restart the commerce epicenter of the town. He did so by building up the downtown business district with buildings such as the DeVos Place Convention Center and DeVos Performance Hall. The Andel Arena was also built at this time.


DeVos has continued to work with the CEOs of the Grand Rapids airport. In fact, he has been credited with helping the airport get back on its feet in the early 2000s. At the time, no one even really knew that the small airport existed. However, DeVos was going to change all of that. He started talking to airline executives at the airport, and he even got the AirTran Airways CEO to agree to open up new flights.


This was a huge deal in the early 2000s as there weren’t too many airports that had the same flights. However, DeVos wanted to put Grand Rapids on the map as a business traveler location. The destinations opened up new ticket sales for the airport and finally, there were thousands of tickets being sold per day. For the next two decades, the airport would continue to grow until it would become known as one of the top airports in the United States and received $45 million in funding for renovations.


DeVos will continue to work with the FAA through 2020.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Sharon Prince: Encouraging the Public to Visit the Grace Farms

Grace Farm sits on an 80-acre land area that boasts natural beauty. The place has a cultural institution and a community center that encourages people who visit to increase their communication, thinking skills, and foster education and understanding for all things related to nature. Grace Farms is open every day, and people are free to come inside without paying a single dollar. The president of the farm Sharon Prince, stated that the place was created to provide a serene destination for those who wanted to spend time with nature. He also said that the visitors will be able to meditate within the farms because of its strong connection with nature.

Another activity that will surely be loved by the visitors is the seasonal harvests witnessed within the farm. Sharon Prince said that the activities that can be enjoyed by families would range from fishing different species of fish on their ponds, to harvesting different products that can be found on lying on the area. The beauty of the farm would also be highlighted during the seasonal changes, and they are encouraging the visitors to take a picture of this magnificent scenery. Those who love to witness wildlife can also have their chance of spotting rare animals when they are inside the farm. Sharon Prince said that bringing a nice camera would allow the visitors to capture great shots of Grace Farm’s exquisite wildlife.

Another drawing factor of visiting the farm is their celebration of Earth Day, which includes a lot of family-friendly activities. People can also enjoy consuming organic products that are being made on the site. People who have visited the Grace Farm are saying that their time within the place is worth it, and they learned so much about taking care of the environment and becoming more connected with nature.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Twitter.

Flavio Maluf Favors FiscalIncentive Laws

Flavio Maluf, President of Eucatex, stresses the need for tax incentive programs and discusses the benefits for companies. By approving Fiscal Incentive Laws, companies will have the opportunity to direct a portion of their taxes to foster the economic and social development of the country. Social, cultural, sporting, technological, scientific research and health programs could be funded and benefit society. Flavio Maluf feels this will promote strategic spending of money earmarked for taxes by companies. Maluf emphasizes that having the opportunity to build a positive image by associating its name with a social, cultural or sports project is a benefit tax incentive programs will provide. This may represent a financial saving in the advertising industry of the venture. Visit his website flaviomalufoficial.com to learn more.

The proposed legislation would include regional tax incentives where benefits are granted to businesses in certain regions. This promotes the development of the Western Amazon.

Mulaf also points out that the public administration can grant industry-specific incentives. This could work to stimulate a specific industry or particular economic activity. Incentives in the form of tax reductions, exemptions, and compensation allow companies to invest in operations and generate jobs moving the economy of the sector. Information technology, infrastructure, export companies, aerospace, port, agricultural, and audiovisual structures are examples of fields that would benefit from incentive laws.

Fiscal programs and incentives vary by state and can be federal, state or municipal. In order to take advantage of the incentives, a company must be taxed based on real profit. “If the company collects taxes for presumed or arbitrated profit, or opting to use the Simples Nacional, it is not able to use this type of incentive,” says Maluf.

Flavio Maluf has a mechanical engineering degree and over four decades of industry experience within his company Eucatex, a wood fiber lining company. In 1997 he succeeded his uncle as president of the enterprise.

Read more: http://www.botucatuonline.com/2018/02/01/flavio-maluf-explica-negocio-entre-eucatex-e-duratex-envolvendo-fabrica-em-botucatu/


Wes Edens born Wesley Robert Edens Businessman/Philanthropist

In 1987, Wes Edens joined forces as a partner and director with Lehman Brothers Holdings, known for its global investment banking services. Lehman Brothers were once noted for being the fourth largest investment bank in the U.S.

In 1993, Edens signed on at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc a subsidiary of the BlackRock Inc, known worldwide in investment management, with over $5.98 trillion in asset management, It was there at BlackRock Financial when Wes Edens founded the equity fund, BlackRock Asset Investors.

By 1998, Edens joined forces along with Peter Lionel Briger, Jr., Now President and Co-Chairman of Fortress Credit, Hedge fund manager Michael Edward Novogratz, Randal (Randy) Nardone, and businessman/racecar enthusiast Rob Kauffman to form the world-renowned Fortress Investments LLC, which at today’s standards has about $42.1 billion in asset management. Read more on fortress.com

In 2014 Edens founded the New Fortress Energy Company.

In 2014, Edens partnered up with the billionaire hedge fund manager Marc Lasry in the purchase of the national basketball team Milwaukee Bucks.

In 2017, Edens along with his four partners sold Fortress Investments for $3.3 billion in cash to the Japanese holding conglomerate SoftBank Group.

In 2018, Edens along with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris joined forces to purchase a majority stake in the English Championship club Aston Villa.

In 2018, Edens launched Florida’s first privately owned and operated passenger train, Brightline runs between Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Florida daily with plans to extend its travels throughout the U.S.

Outside of the business world of Wes Edens, he’s also known as a very generous philanthropist, within the span of 10 years his contributions to various Cancer Research Foundations, College, hospitals, health, and wellness centers has exceeded 2.7 million dollars.

Wes Edens is also known as an avid skier and has recently joined forces with a few friends Michael Novogratz, David Barry, and Randal Nardone to open the luxurious Caldera House ski lodge resort.

Learn more: https://www.wealthx.com/dossier/wesley-robert-edens/


Hedge Fund Manager Jacob Gottlieb Reveals The First Three Investments At His Latest Company

The healthcare investment industry is putting money into some really exciting startups and early-stage ventures over the past few years. One hedge fund manager in this industry, Jacob Gottlieb, MD, CFA, PRMIA, is one of these investors with hid company Altium Capital. At this firm, based in New York City, he invests exclusively in healthcare companies that are coming up with meaningful medical treatments.

A few of the companies that Jacob Gottlieb has decided to invest in are Oragenics, Oramed Pharmaceuticals, and Amarin Corporation. He took a 5.61 percent stake in Oramed Pharmaceuticals which created a treatment for diabetes that is taken orally rather than the traditional method of using a needle. They have three treatments which are an analog capsule, a Glucagon-like peptide-1, and an insulin capsule.

Amarin, which Jacob Gottlieb invested in as his second investment at newly formed Altium Capital, is a company based in Dublin, Ireland. They are creating drugs that will help to improve cardiovascular health. They are combining the benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids with their expertise in lipid science. They have one drug now approved by the FDA called Vascepa which provides prescription strength omega-3 fatty acids. This drug went on the market in 2012.

Jacob Gottlieb says he invested in Oragenics because he believes they will become a trendsetter when it comes to creating novel antibiotics to fight infectious diseases. They engage in what is known as Replacement Therapy which involves replacing the harmful bacteria in a body with good bacteria. This results in a healthier body and they are using it to develop a treatment for oral mucositis.

Jacob Gottlieb is pretty happy with his initial three investments at his latest hedge fund and is looking forward to investing in more exciting healthcare firms. He has been in the hedge fund industry since 2001.

OSI Group Strategy of Dominating the World’s Food Industry

The journey to becoming one of the world’s largest food products provider began in 1909. Since then, OSI Group dedication to offering quality products to their clients has never wavered. A company that was once operating in the USA alone has moved to other 17 nations and employed over 20,000 people. The growth of OSI Group is as a result of the commitment of its leaders to dominate the food market globally and the hard work of its employees. It has become a growing presence in the modern globalized economy. Its specialized in supplying value-added products including pork, beef, pizza, hamburger patties to mention few.

OSI group expansion and innovation is going on at an impressive rate and so far it has established 65 facilities in the 17 countries its running operations. In recent years, it has carried out various acquisitions as part of its growth strategy. In 2016, it acquired Boho Food, which is a food product company that manufactures deli meats and other snacks and supplies to food retailing companies. The goal for this undertaking was to improve the presence of OSI Industries in Europe.

It also acquired Flagship Europe in 2016, which is a supplier of food products in the UK market. It supplies pies, frozen poultry, dressings, sauces, among others. Its acquisition offers OSI Industries access to a wider market in the United Kingdom. In 2017, is also carried out another expansion plan in the European market. The food company introduced a high capacity line in the facility located in Toledo, Spain.

The initiative in Spain has doubled the facility’s processing capacity. Before, the facility was processing 12,000 tons of chicken products annually and has now doubled to 24,000 tons. The change in the processing capacity of the chicken has pushed up the total capacity of the facility to 45,000 tons every year that includes of other products such as pork and beef. OSI Group also had to hire 20 people to add them to the facility’s workforce.

OSI carried out this plan because the demand in Spain and Portugal is increasing rapidly. The change in demand was consistent at 6% for a number of years, but recently, it has been growing at 8% every year. The company hopes to keep on implementing its expansion plan in other parts of the world.

About OSI Group: www.career.cals.iastate.edu/osi-group

Flavio Maluf Discusses His Business Interests

Flavio Maluf  definitely someone who nowadays we consider as being lucky, however to get to where he is today took courage, bravery, and the ability to not give up with the first, second, or even third failure. He was born in to a fairly wealthy family so some may say he was lucky in the particular aspect. His father is a politician and businessman man so Flavio has some great insight in what it is like to live the wealthy lifestyle and hence made it a bit easier for him to start his companies. Flavio helps people who are looking to get involved in potentially owning their own business and warns them about certain things that may go wrong throughout the process. Read more about Flavio at terra.com

He also own a business named “Eucatex” that manufactures wood slabs from Eucalyptus trees to supply for people with furniture needs or anything that has to do with re-modification of cabinetry that involves wood along with also producing ceiling tiles and panels for housing and commercial buildings. The business was established On November 23, 1951 and is still going strong. He spent a few years only distributing the materials around South America until eventually expanding his business to Europe where he really began to see growth.

Flavio Maluf also has realized that taxes in Brazil have always been high, making it impossible for people to succeed in any market, in particular the entrepreneur realm, however he thinks that it is still very well possible to succeed , that people simply just need to take advantage of the tax incentives the are provided as well. In other words, look at the positives that paying taxes gives long term and accept it and work around ways to make each possible outcome more achievable. Flavio has shaped part of what Brazil’s economy is today and continues to do so with his business and great contributions he has to offer.

Read more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108970/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-administrar-uma-empresa-familiar


Adam Milstein: A Pro-Israeli Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is an American-Israeli activist. He was born in Haifa, Israel and moved to the United States in the early 1980s in pursuit of farther education. He joined the University of Southern Carolina where he attained his MBA. He later started working in the real estate industry. Today, he is a prominent real estate entrepreneur and the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Through the real estate business, he has made some considerable contributions to the development of the Jewish Community both in the United States and back in Israel. His acts of philanthropy have seen him scoop a spot in the 2017 list of Top 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneur. A body known as Richtopia creates the list. Some prominent names which have appeared on the same list include Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

Adam Milstein is a pro-Israeli activist and philanthropist. He serves on the board of various organizations that seek to make the Jewish community stronger. He has worked on bringing a change for Israeli-Americans for many years now. Together with his wife, Adam Milstein has established a philanthropic foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Milstein is also the co-founder of Israeli-American Council (IAC).

Adam Milstein is dedicated to strengthening the Jewish people. Milstein has deep roots in his motherland. In his young life, he participated in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Milstein has maintained this strong bond with Israel, decades after he left for the United States. He aims to see the Jewish community resist discrimination which they normally face in the form of Antisemitism. This hate against the Jews has been used by radical groups to discriminate the Jews, something Adam Milstein is dedicated to fighting.

Adam Milstein has funded various pro-Israeli programs, especially those targeting the young generation. He believes that the future of the community lies on young people. If they are brought up to be proud Jews, then the enemies of the community will have no place to execute their evil plans. One of the goals of the radical groups is to see the elimination of the State of Israel.


Malcolm CassSelle Announces WAX Blockchain Investment Platform

As the global digital marketplace for in-game virtual assets, OPSkins, has the #1 merchant bitcoin global ranking. Now OPSkins has rolled-out a blockchain platform for virtual asset trade. This Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) provides a new P2P marketplace for users. Users may now buy/sell virtual goods without leaving gaming activity, enabled by blockchain mechanisms. Fragmentation and potential marketplace fraud are avoided. Too, former payment processing, language and/or security concerns within virtual asset trading are deleted. The WAX Token has been created as a common currency to “tokenize” gaming assets.

CassSelle Expertise

Malcolm CassSelle was former President and CTO at tronc (formerly Tribune Publishing), a company tasked with rapid growth company management for digital assets. He was SVP/GM for Digital Media at SeaChange International, CEO of Timeline Labs, created Xfire, created MediaPass, co-founded Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), co-founded NetNoir, director of Hong Kong-based Capital Union Investments, and participated in Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent (China). As a long-term entrepreneur, CassSelle brings extensive business acumen for startups.

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, CassSelle finds that: “The Gaming industry,” says CasSelle, “will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream.”

Other blockchain entrepreneurs have given CassSelle high marks across industry bandwidth. Sensay management remarked on IQ, EQ and street smarts driving perspective and experience. Groupon executive management have been appreciative of the professionalism and industry knowledge brought to east/west culture initatives and platform venture capital sales strategies. CassSelle is known for entrepreneurship and executive management, using experience to set up organizational goals, building process, and successfully targeting business opportunities.

As CassSelle builds on personal expertise, WAX is continuing value growth. WAX was designed to serve the 400+ million online players buying and selling within the digital marketplace kept wallet-safe, and the design has worked.

Fortress Investment Group plan to expand railway transport in Florida

Florida Development Finance Corp unanimously agreed to give the Brightline’s Miami-to-West Palm Beach to Orlando railway expansion the go-ahead. Federal tax-exempt bonds amounting to $1.15 billion and $600 million will be channeled to this project. The expected date of completion is 2021, and within it is a plan to expand to Tampa. Bridghtline, which is a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group, has been successful owing to the partial completion of the route. Its trains started running trains to Fort Lauderdale from West Palm Beach in January and expanded to Miami in May this year. This alternative has helped many people beat the rush hour traffic.

Sunshine state is expected to benefit from this venture by Fortress Investment Group especially due to the removal of cars from the highway. It also presents a travel option for tourists as they explore different attractions that Florida has to offer. Trains make several journeys from Miami to West Palm Beach travel in a day with more of this happening during weekdays than weekends. This trips only last 74 minutes with an intermediary stop at Fort Lauderdale.

There are chances that a new train station will be added to the route before the trains can head inwards towards Orlando. Now, Fort Pierce, Stuart, Cocoa, Sebastien, and Vero Beach are the cities under this consideration. The approval of those funds towards this project is expected to create more than 2000 jobs and an economic impact worth $2.4 billion.

Patrick Goddard, who is the President at Brightline say that the addition of Orlando to the train route will create more than 6600 jobs in central Florida alone. It will also bring construction opportunities worth $400 million within that area. Brightline is proposing to the Department of Transportation in Florida to use the Interstate 4’s median between Tampa and Orlando. The idea is to facilitate the building of a railway in that area. This is going to be one of the major infrastructural projects of the company.

Fortress Investment Group is a world-acclaimed and highly diversified investment management firm. Its operations and vast experience encompass a range of investment strategies that include private equity, traditional asset, management, credit, and liquid markets. Fortress Investment Group expedites all these operations on behalf of more than1500 institutional investors and private clients all over the world. Fortress Investment Group also focuses on transportation, media, healthcare, real estate, as well as infrastructure.