Article Title: Investment Genius: Igor Cornelsen

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Born in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen career started when he pursued an engineering course at Federal University. However, two years down the line he switched to economics in the same university and graduated with a degree in economics. Cornelsen was first employed at an investment bank in Multibanco due to his mastery of calculating compound interest without the aid of calculators or computers. Working at the bank made him shine among his peers, and eventually, Cornelsen earn a promotion to become one of the company board of directors.

By 1976 Igor Cornelsen was appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a position he held until 1978 before the Bank of America acquired Multibanco Bank. Cornelsen then joined Unibanco an investment firm in Brazil and worked there until the inflation rate increased exponentially. He left Unibanco in 1985 and become investment advisor at London Merchant Bank which would later change its name to Libra Bank PLC.

Cornelsen was a rare asset at Libra, and The Standard Chartered Merchant Bank noticed his accomplishment. He was offered a prestigious position as the company’s board of directors at Standard Chartered. Igor Cornelsen worked there for about seven years and also serve as the company’s representative in Brazil.

Cornelsen ventured into private practice in 1995 and founded Bainbridge Investment Inc. with its main officers in the Bahamas. The firm’s primary activities were to identify viable investment opportunities then design a long-term investment strategy as well as funding the investments. Cornelsen plays a fundamental role in the operations of the company by providing leadership role and also tracks investment plans.

Bainbridge Investment Inc. has helped Igor pass his experience and expertise to several potential investors including Burger King a prominent US company. Igor is a stock genius whose investment strategies concerns stocks market.

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