OSI Food Solutions Honored for Excellence in Environmental Safety Standards

Despite the fact that this company has international operations, OSI Group has never relented from its commitment to offer quality and safe products to its citizens. It recently had the honorary recognition from the British Safety Council for its exemplary focus on management of environmental risks. It was found to be the best company that had factored into account various ways to ensure the environment is preserved in all its operations from the product, disposal of waste to manage.

It was indeed enviable, emerging the top among other 18 well known and established brands that had participated in the 2016 Globe of Honor competition. According to the British Safety Council Environment Management Audit Committee, OSI Food Solutions UK had achieved a five-star rating. In addition, it leaders had shown a firm commitment to environmental preservation.

Lynda Armstrong, the British Safety Council while awarding the title said that Globe of Honor is the highest payback any company can get. She said it was her pleasure to present OSI Food Solutions as the best environment risk managed the company and sincerely congratulated them. In just breaking down the parameters that we looked into, she said that OSI Group led in environmental protection, sustainable development and had an integrated approach. Mike Robinson, the British Safety Council CEO added that leadership is very important in achieving excellence. He said this to Kelly Grimwood, the OSI Group Environment Manager who was at the podium to receive the award.

About OSI Food

OSI Food Solutions is a food processor based in Chicago. It was founded in 1909 as Otto & Sons, a meat shop that has grown over time and been rebranded into OSI Group. It has become a lead supplier of food products to other renown restaurant and hospitality joints including the McDonalds. It has supplied food in various platforms including during the Summer Olympics.

To ensure food products are of high quality, it has close associations with its suppliers and has actually invested on them so that they know what the OSI Group requires. Apparently, OSI Food Solutions is not only the lead supplier of meat and value-added food substances in the United States but also has operations in other countries and continents.

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Otto & Sons and Kroc: The Worldwide Phenomenon of OSI Group McDonalds

Currently, the OSI Group have proven themselves to be one of the largest players in food provision all around the world – with a conglomerate of twenty thousand individuals in their company distributed in their sixty five facilities spread around 17 countries in different corners of the globe. Like any other company, they started small and had a very humble beginning until they evolved into a multi-million dollar corporate company that is well respected and well recognized around the world.

Immigrant issues are so big now in the United States – it’s pretty ironic that OSI Group is actually a company that is built by the cooperation of immigrants. A group of German Immigrants lead by Otto Kolschowsky had come together in their small community in Illinois and they made a small business by coming together and centering the trade in their farms.

Ray Kroc, the creator of McDonald’s, has always been a forward thinker and has already had a prior agreement that is unwritten with the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, that they would be the supplier of freshly manufactured ground beef to the company – therefore OSI Group McDonalds was built.

After the war, they built OSI Group McDonalds and made a sprouting business out of it. They have turned travesties and tragedies into treasure and that is just the genius of OSI Group Mcdonalds. This was opened back in 1955 by Ray Kroc and this was the start of OSI Group McDonalds taking over the world. To know more click here.

Within a few years, the partnership has been entirely bought out by Ray Kroc and thus Modern McDonald’s was built. This became the blueprint of all the McDonald’s that spread out like wild mushrooms all around the world, but still Otto and his sons have always been symbiotically attached to Kroc – still being their main suppliers of fresh meat.

Otto and Sons had plants made that are entirely dedicate to producing the supply for solely McDonald’s – this was a state of the art manufacturing plant that is built in Chicago, Illinois. This is the history of Otto and Kroc which birthed into a worldwide phenomenon: McDonald’s.

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The Steadfastness of the OSI Group in the Global Economy

OSI Group is a private international company that processes and supplies food products. It has its headquarters based in Aurora, Illinois. The company provides its products and services to both the retail markets and food services enterprises. The company’s food products are bacon, poultry, beef, pizza, sous vide and pork. It also processes sausages and hot dogs. OSI sells sandwiches, kettle products, fried food vegetables, and fruits. The company has also built facilities in Asia, North America, and Europe.

The Origin

The OSI started in 1909 as a butcher shop in Oak Park, West Side Chicago. The butchery did well, and after some years it expanded its operations and moved from a retail shop to a commercial enterprise. As it grew, it moved its operations to Maywood, Chicago. In 1928 the business became known as Otto and Sons.


Otto Kolschowsky’s sons, Arthur and Harry, had entered into a contract with Ray Kroc to be supplying the first the first McDonalds franchise with fresh meat. A handshake sealed the business deal. As it would be, the agreement turned out to be a significant milestone for the OSI group. As the McDonald business expanded into the global market, the OSI Group also increased its operations to serve the McDonalds well.

Apart from the McDonalds, OSI has also partnered with Nation Pizza and foods a company that is also in the United States.

As part of its growth agenda, the OSI Group has partnered with other ventures on the global market. For instance, the GENOSI venture in the Philippines and KK Foods based in Taiwan. Other business deals were with Pickstock in the United Kingdom and Edeka in Germany. The establishment of a trading platform in Germany and the acquisition of the Baho Foods are also a key milestone to the company’s growth


Among the many awards that the company has received are the California Green Business Award and the Globe of Honor Award which was in 2016. In 2018, the North American Meat Institute honored them with the Environmental Recognition Award. The company also features in the 2018 Forbes list of America’s largest private companies.


The OSI Group is one of the leading food processing and supplying company in the world having its operations in over seventeen countries. The company has a large workforce and has established 65 facilities. It continues to be a key player in the global economy.