Copa Star Combines Luxury and Medical Sophistication

It has been a few years in the making, but the latest renovations have now been completed, and the Hospital Copa Star has now opened its door to the people of Copacabana in Rio. This now raises the bar for standards in the medical and hospital arena since the Copa Star is as luxurious as it is high-tech sophistication. The building stands 7 stories tall with the integration of the “Smart Hospitality” system throughout which allows for patient autonomy that is not seen anywhere else in the region.

The staff delivers service that simply seems unexpected when compared to the other types of treatment centers that citizens and travelers alike may have already become accustomed to over the years. For starters, all patients are given an iPad as a tool from which they can easily review their data and results as well as being able to quickly call a nurse with the swipe of a few buttons. Doctors can also be alerted and carry on a conversation through the video exquisiteness of the iPad in order to quickly and efficiently assess patient needs and make any recommendations or changes in care as necessary. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

The Copa Star Hospital is also outfitted with an exclusive software application system which brings a host of new features to the staff in order to make their jobs easier and more accommodating to the stars who decide to have a stay at the spacious facility. The interns have unprecedented ability to carry out such tasks as changing the lighting in a room or open/closing curtains as well as other such measures even without having to make the rounds through patient rooms which might otherwise slow down their work efforts. The proper staff and technology is now present to provide extremely sophisticated surgeries which otherwise would require distant traveling in the past in order to receive similar treatments.

Reviews are already coming in, and it seems that the Hospital Copa Star is rating well up there with some similar 5-star hotels being their closest peers. Latin America has never before seen such innovation in telemedicine, robotic medicine, and complicated neurosurgery becoming available through the intelligent hospital and surgery rooms like never before. And, it is not just a medical mecca for the elite who can pay cash. The Copa Star will have available rooms and services to patients with a myriad of different health insurance plans, and so it is important that people in need of service communicate with the hospital in order to find out what options may be available to them. Read more at about Copa Star.

Copacabana is now one of the premier spots for healthcare thanks to the opening of this new center, and other areas should look to Hospital Copa Star for inspiration of their own.