Highland Capital Management Is Making An Impact Around The World

Highland Capital Management was started in 1993. It is a global company that strives to give the best service to all of the companies that it works with. Highland Capital Management has offices in countries around the world, and its main office is in Dallas, Texas. In 2018, it was named as one of the best places to work for those interested in money management. It does philanthropic work, including the way that it cares about the area where it is headquartered and gives back to the Dallas area youth. It supports many other charities and is always willing to help out those in need. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

Highland Capital Management evolved from what it was twenty-six years ago when it started. It is a pioneer and has gained great expertise because of the years that it has been in operation. Highland Capital Management helps investors do what is right with their money. It works with retail investors and institutional investors. And it works with those people around the globe. It also specializes in real estate, public equities, and more.

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Highland Capital Management has an office in New York City, and one in Rio de Janeiro and in Seoul. It was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero. It has a commitment to being consistent in the service that it gives its clients, and it has a commitment to make a difference. It cares about local communities and the people in them. The company is always evolving and becoming more successful because of the strength of its leaders. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.