Kisling, Nestico & Redick scaling the heights of the personal injuries claims sector

Some of the fiercest battles in the legal realm are fought personal injury claims sector. Of late, there has been a rise in the number of corporations and businesses who want to get away with injustice. Luckily, Kisling, Nestico & Redick (KNR) has risen to the occasion to tame these corporations and companies in the state of Ohio. KNR is one of the most prosperous legal firms in this state specializing in the personal injuries claims sector. To this law firm, premise liability, insurance bad faith, work injuries, class actions, nursing home neglect, and traffic or vehicle accidents are a cup of tea.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick has had an excellent track record so far since the law form was launched in 2005. With its headquarters in Akron, Ohio, the firm has ten other offices around the state. KNR has a team of 30 top-notch attorneys who have a lot of experience in the personal injuries sector. This experience includes some years in the insurance sector, and this has always given the law firm an upper hand when it comes to cases dealing with insurance bad faith. All the attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick have a combined experience of more than 400 years. This experience has resulted in the law firm winning over $450 million worth of settlements for its clients. Since 2005, this prosperous law firm based in Ohio has served more than 10,000 clients.

The success of Kisling, Redick & Nestico can be attributed to their winning philosophy. This law firm always aims to provide its clients with legal services that are based upon accuracy, speediness, and transparency. The accuracy, speediness, and transparency of the legal services that this law firm provides has made them earn the trust of their clients leading to its current success.

The winning philosophy of Kisling, Nestico & Redick is also shaped by the personal experience of one of its founders. After a harrowing road accident at the age of 15, the insurance company offered Rob Nestico an unjust, hasty settlement. KNR is today committed to eradicating insurance bad faith and other injustices in the personal injuries claims sector.

Jeremy Goldstein: How This Successful Businessman Balances Good Deeds With Savvy Business

Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent name in the legal domain, is a litigator turned business tycoon turned humanitarian. A series of pursuits shaped Goldstein into the multifaceted businessman he is today, but he shines brightest when embarking on philanthropic efforts. It’s for this reason why Goldstein became heavily invested in The Fountain House, an organization rooted in compassion, understanding, and acceptance. In short, The Fountain House is a program dedicated to the recovery of men and women who struggle with their mental health. No doubt a noble cause, The Fountain House is held in high esteem by the public, especially Jeremy Goldstein. Follow Goldstein on Twitter


With his background in business and knowledge in mental health, Goldstein fused the two in the hope of contributing to The Fountain House. Currently a member on their Board of Directors, Goldstein plays a pivotal role in making both minor and substantial decisions. What’s more, Goldstein goes above and beyond to get members of the community actively involved in The Fountain House. This past May, Goldstein hosted a lavish wine dinner in honor of The Fountain House and the mission they’re committed to. Tickets were $3,700, with all proceeds going directly to expanding The Fountain House.


Goldstein is perpetually in awe of the business model The Fountain House has instituted and is exceedingly thrilled with the impact it’s had on similar organizations. To date, over 30 countries have adopted The Fountain House paradigm. Regarding his other endeavors, Goldstein is also the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This boutique law firm counsels CEOs, committees, and corporations on their internal affairs. Under his guidance, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates has risen to impressive industry heights. As his career evolves, Goldstein hopes to remain a savvy businessman while staying loyal to his charitable causes and noble disposition. Learn more:


Bruno Fagali: Benefits Of Hiring A Powerful Lawyer

Need a personal or business lawyer that provides representation in Brazil? Want to hire one of the most reliable and reputable law firms or attorneys out there? Perhaps you are aware that many businesses and organizations turn to Bruno Fagali for top notch legal solutions.

Bruno Fagali is a leading Administrative and Regulatory Law attorney in Brazil. He also caters to clients that need services in the areas of Urban Law and Compliance. Bruno also handles cases related to Ethics and comes highly recommended.

When looking for a lawyer for personal or business legal matter, you need to select one that has the qualities and experience that will be essential to winning your case. It is imperative to consider years of experience and reputation in the legal community. A history of satisfied clients can be a good indication of a lawyer’s competence in the field.

Many lawyers offer a free consultation to clients, which allows you to find out more about the law practice. It is not a good idea to hire a lawyer without having a chance to meet and discuss your legal matter. After discussing with the lawyer, you will be able to know what step to take.

Select a lawyer who is honest and can address your case effectively. Reviewing a lawyer’s track record or reputation in the industry, is a great way to know if or she is right for you. You will be able to find out if the lawyer has vast experience in the legal area you’re interested in.

Before you ultimately hire a lawyer, make sure you have everything in writing. Having a signed agreement is essential when it comes to hiring a lawyer or law firm. It is extremely important to ensure that you reach an agreement on issues regarding fees for services.

Bruno Fagali has a good record of successfully representing clients and he can get you a great outcome. When it comes to winning cases for his clients, Bruno Fagali uses great expertise to get them favorable outcomes. To get effective representation or reliable advice, contact Bruno right away.

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Jeremy Goldstein Talks About How Employees And Employers Need To Reach A Common Ground

Anyone working in a corporate environment is probably working towards getting a promotion or additional career development. They come in every day, put in the prescribed amount of hours and work their hardest just to be able to reap a certain amount of benefits at the end. However, it isn’t uncommon for employees to ask for exorbitant amounts when they want either a raise or some kind of benefit. Even if it is something that is outside the capacity of the corporation, they still try to ask for as much as they can. Learn more:



Corporates may want to give their employees the very best, but they too can hold back with a view of cutting back and keeping the funds for themselves. Companies sometimes state that an employee isn’t eligible for a benefit because they have either not completed the requisites, or if they decide to give it to someone else. It is entirely left up to the purview of the company and its leaders to determine if these incentives should be given or not.



The only way out of this seems to establish a compromised structure between the employee and the employer. In an article, Jeremy Goldstein, an ace corporate lawyer from New York outlined how compromise is the best way to be able to achieve a common ground that would work for both. According to his article, he outlined how communicating with one another and understanding what the employee wants and what the employer can offer is one of the best ways to be able to work well together.



One of the things that corporations have reported to undertaking is EPS. Jeremy Goldstein outlined the pros and cons of this system and how most of these only work in favor of the corporate enforcing them. According to this system, the amount that employees can potentially get is started, but not when they are going to receive it. It can still lead to the problems of a company holding back the incentive and only prevents the employee from asking for too much that the company cannot, or is not willing to provide.



About Jeremy Goldstein



Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer who is currently practicing in the city of New York. Through the course of his career, he has worked with a wide variety of clients coming to him from a variety of different sectors. This experience that he received urged him to start up his law firm, which now goes by the name of Jeremy Goldstein And Associates.