Empowering and Health-Tech Health Professional Ara Chackerian

A professional philanthropist, an entrepreneur and an investor Ara Chackerian is one of the upcoming business influenced persons and a health specialist based in San Francisco, California. He has a spirit in business world and has built his name to it as well as in medic field of philanthropy. He is a co-founder of TMS Health Solution as well as a board member in it. More so, he is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings an investment firm dealing with healthcare early stage investments. Ara has got much experience in health care widely, and with his improved skills and knowledge in technology and health, opted in venturing into healthcare investment which led to the foundation of TMS, which not only do provide psychiatric care but also excellent consultation therapy and medication efficiently. Additionally, the healthcare solution centre provides treatment to those suffering from resistant medical depressions.

Since the company’s inception, Ara Chackerian has been a determined leader in enduring all the struggles and challenges they faced before it stabilizes and this enabled him with his partner come up with creative and long lasting solutions towards ensuring the best for the company as well as to the patient. He has been into other health care sectors in large and his career in always providing the best services has been evolving and revolving in investing and entrepreneurship, and his interest in health and technology has made him gain popularity and expansion of his company widely. The company does maximize technology to invent new ideas and solutions towards recapping patient’s health. Not only is he an investor and entrepreneur but also has interest and love for environment. He is a supportive member when it comes to environs and do have an investment plan at which ensures sustainable reforestation process. Also, he is a youth empowering leader and has established non-profitable youth developments.