Norman Pattiz of Podcast One Releases Detailed Results on the Positive Impacts of Podcast Advertising on Brand Recall

The executive chairman of Podcast One Mr. Norman Pattiz and the vice president of Edison Research today released a statement on the results of advertising tests that were conducted on five prominent brands. These consumer brands cut across five broad categories of products and services.

This was the first study of brand recall research associated with podcast advertising. Compiled with the help of Tom Webster, the results provided a broad understanding of the pre-advertisement and post- advertisement of podcast campaign. Through the research study, Edison Research was able to identify the benefits of podcast brand advertising on the behavior of consumers. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Results of the Research

Details of the reports indicated the following from the five prominent brands that were used in the research study:

Financial services products from a firm gained an additional margin of client preference by 47% after the podcast campaign.

  • More than 60% of the people who were interviewed on brand recall after the campaign preferred a certain brand from a particular grocery store. This was an additional number to the first figure by 7%.
  • In the post-study stage, more than a third of all respondents held a positive view of a specified vehicle aftermarket product. This was an increase in the client’s brand preference by 18%.
  • Additionally, a lawn and gardening product gained an impressive 22% of brand preference after the podcast brand recall.
  • Product awareness on a specific advertising message for a vehicle aftermarket product shot up by 60%.
  • Finally, a standard dining restaurant earned a remarkable 76%.

Importantly, it was noted that Edison Research considered it necessary to have three slots of separate research studies to evaluate the effectiveness of podcast advertising. It was evident that most brands had an excellent reputation according to the response of brand consumers. It was also noticeable that some brands were struggling to penetrate the market.

These brands were said to be in the trial stage. To evaluate the effectiveness of all these brands, the campaign was spread over four to six weeks. The advertising frame and mechanism was the same for all brands. According to the results, the research team noted that most consumers preferred the most advertised brands.

¬†Pattiz’s Profile

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz is the serving executive chairman of Podcast One. He was the chief executive officer of the company until June 2016. Under his wise leadership, Podcast One was named the best news provider for entertainment, sports, and traffic.

Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group. This company capitalizes on the untapped audio talent in the entertainment industry.