Using Oncotarget to Educate The Public on the Development Cancer Research

According to statistics by world health organization, cancer cases are increasing by the day. Provision of information on better cancer management practices comes in handy for cancer patients and physicians treating the ailment. Oncotarget is a reputable medical journal that has the editorial inputs of the scientists, Mikhail Blagosklonny of and Andrew V. Gudkov, who both work at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The two medical experts research on the development of cancer treatments and publish their findings on Oncotarget.

The peer-reviewed journal provides information on pathological causes of all types of cancer. The journal also covers possible treatment options available for patients and practitioners. More to this, it offers information on the standards that must be observed to enhance the health status of patients, with intent to improve their quality of life. Download output styles at

Varying treatment and management options are available considering research indicates that there are different causes of cancer in different persons. The journal explores all the available options to ensure patients and care providers get fully informed on these options. Furthermore, the journal explores the possible outcomes to expect from applying each of the suggested methods.

Research on treatment and care for cancer patients improves rapidly. Oncotarget’s journal explores these emerging treatment options. Information provided widens the scope of choices available to patients by offering regular updates on upgraded treatment options available for patients and healthcare providers. Factual and meaningful information comes in handy for successful treatment. In addition to Mikhail’s and Andrew’s findings, the journal puts out articles from only reliable sources in the medical world. Each of the items posted is intensely scrutinized to ascertain its authenticity by a dedicated team of editors. Providing factual information is a measure to ensure the information given is adequate and resourceful to readers.

Recently, Oncotarget has released publications on subjects beyond oncology such as cardiology, metabolism, cell biology with the intention of providing the medical community and patients with a better understanding and the functionality of the human body in regards to these ailments. The journal provides information free of cost and has the backing of medical professionals such as Zeng Yixin of South China and Garry Melino of Rome. Learn more about Oncotarget at

Improving the Future of Chronic Lung Disease, One Stem Cell at a Time

Chronic lung disease is a problem facing almost 10% of the population. Treatment options remain complicated in nature, ranging from daily lifetime prescription drug use to transplant. There is another option, however, and The Lung Institute is leading the way in its implementation.

Stem cell therapy for lung disease is a novel and impressive approach to treatment for lung disease. The Lung Institute and Dr. Jack Coleman Jr have, to date, treated over 3,000 patients with 84.5 percent of the patients with COPD reporting improvement in their quality of life. Many patients that arrive at The Lung Institute cannot leave the lives they worked so hard to obtain. They are limited physically and drained emotionally but through the natural healing of stem cell therapy some patients are able to be free of 24/7 oxygen therapy. The Lung Institute develops individual treatment plans, striving to treat each patient as a person and not just another number. Read more here:

In a report by PR Web, Dr. Coleman Jr has been honored with such awards as “America’s Top Physicians Award” and just recently traveled to Padua Italy to present at the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research. This presentation served to educate an international community of physicians and medical professionals not only about the benefits of stem cell therapy for lung disease but also bring to light problems with the current treatment plan. Dr. Coleman Jr is determined to get the best care for his patients at the Lung Institute as well as those all over the world suffering from chronic lung disease.

Through the efforts of Dr. Coleman Jr, and the rest of The Lung Institute many lives have been improved, in dramatic fashion. Further efforts are needed as there are many people who continue to suffer from chronic lung conditions, but with the use of stem cell therapy the future looks brighter than ever.

For more info, visit the Lung Institute‘s Facebook page.