Dr. Dov Rand, Bioidentical Hormone Specialist of New Jersey

If there is one thing Dr. Dov. Rand specializes in besides hormone therapy, it would be innovation. Based in West Orange, New Jersey, Dr. Dov. Rand has developed an immense following because he has developed a reputation for simply being the best. Indeed, if there was a hall of fame for doctors Dov rand would be in it. During his time at the Einstein School of Medicine in New York City, Dr. Dov. Rand learned how to discipline himself and he threw himself into his studies regarding the human body and all of its processes. He emerged from his training as a much better individual, ready to treat these individuals with as much out-of-the-box thinking as humanly possible. Because of his years of training, Dr. Dov. Rand is now able to treat conditions that arise from the following situations:


Age-Related Conditions


Dr. Dov Rand is fully vested in treating a variety of age-related conditions, including such ailments as anxiety, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, and depression. He treats all of these age-related conditions by employing a means of remarkable regenerative medicine, which includes different approaches tailored to each individual patient.


“Good Hormones And Bad Hormones”


One of the things Dov. Rand has discovered throughout his years of practicing medicine would be that all people produce hormones. Young people and old people alike produce these hormones. Now guess what? If you guessed that young people have all of the good hormones, then you win the $64,000 question. That’s right. Young people have such hormones as DHEA, progesterone, thyroid, testosterone, and human growth hormone. These hormones all help us to be healthy. The bad hormones are cortisol and insulin, and those are in short supply when we are younger.


On the other hand, Dr. Dov Rand also knows that the “bad” hormones increase as we age. This is one of the main reasons why we gain weight when we get older. Dr. Rand’s answer to aging is to increase the good hormones as his patients age.


Of course, others have found this situation as well, and their answer is to introduce synthetic hormones. This is extremely harmful, and goes against everything that Dr. Rand stands for. Instead of synthetic hormones, Rand introduces bioidential hormones, which reverse the aging process without any ill effects. This is the main reason why he is the top anti-aging physician in the country.