Sharon Prince: Encouraging the Public to Visit the Grace Farms

Grace Farm sits on an 80-acre land area that boasts natural beauty. The place has a cultural institution and a community center that encourages people who visit to increase their communication, thinking skills, and foster education and understanding for all things related to nature. Grace Farms is open every day, and people are free to come inside without paying a single dollar. The president of the farm Sharon Prince, stated that the place was created to provide a serene destination for those who wanted to spend time with nature. He also said that the visitors will be able to meditate within the farms because of its strong connection with nature.

Another activity that will surely be loved by the visitors is the seasonal harvests witnessed within the farm. Sharon Prince said that the activities that can be enjoyed by families would range from fishing different species of fish on their ponds, to harvesting different products that can be found on lying on the area. The beauty of the farm would also be highlighted during the seasonal changes, and they are encouraging the visitors to take a picture of this magnificent scenery. Those who love to witness wildlife can also have their chance of spotting rare animals when they are inside the farm. Sharon Prince said that bringing a nice camera would allow the visitors to capture great shots of Grace Farm’s exquisite wildlife.

Another drawing factor of visiting the farm is their celebration of Earth Day, which includes a lot of family-friendly activities. People can also enjoy consuming organic products that are being made on the site. People who have visited the Grace Farm are saying that their time within the place is worth it, and they learned so much about taking care of the environment and becoming more connected with nature.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Twitter.