Entrepreneur Edwin Miranda Shares His Biggest Inspirations

Edwin Miranda is the founder and chief executive officer of a marketing agency, KOI IXS. He has helped many global brands increase their revenues and market share over the past two decades in the advertising world. He uses performance marketing to drive brand growth which creates meaningful engagement with consumers. He says that the world is constantly changing and being part of this evolution is his passion.

By using performance marketing Edwin Miranda can provide his clients with a compelling mix of innovation and creativity. The results are measurable and feature performance-based KPI’s. He uses omnichannel solutions, analytics, and data-driven strategies in order to provide a great return on investment for his clients.

Edwin Miranda came up with the concept of KOI IXS when he was just age 21. He said that his company is a combination of old school advertising wisdom and the marketing technologies of the present world. He bases a lot of his thoughts about advertising on his favorite book, “Predictive Marketing”. He has said that this book changed his outlook and expanded Edwin Miranda’s knowledge of what advertising can do. There is a new paradigm in the world of marketing, he says, and it involves new ways of interacting with and using technology that deliver new ways of buying and experiencing advertisements. He is an advocate of data-driven marketing instead of the old one-size-fits-all way of doing things.

Another inspiration for Edwin Miranda is Oliver Napoleon Hill. He says that this self-help author has taught him a lot, especially the book “Think and Grow Rich”. He sees that thoughts are things and highly powerful. If you mix a great thought with a burning desire the outcome can be riches. He says that he leads the team at KOI IXS with passion and desire and the result has been many satisfied clients.

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