OSI Food Solutions Honored for Excellence in Environmental Safety Standards

Despite the fact that this company has international operations, OSI Group has never relented from its commitment to offer quality and safe products to its citizens. It recently had the honorary recognition from the British Safety Council for its exemplary focus on management of environmental risks. It was found to be the best company that had factored into account various ways to ensure the environment is preserved in all its operations from the product, disposal of waste to manage.

It was indeed enviable, emerging the top among other 18 well known and established brands that had participated in the 2016 Globe of Honor competition. According to the British Safety Council Environment Management Audit Committee, OSI Food Solutions UK had achieved a five-star rating. In addition, it leaders had shown a firm commitment to environmental preservation.

Lynda Armstrong, the British Safety Council while awarding the title said that Globe of Honor is the highest payback any company can get. She said it was her pleasure to present OSI Food Solutions as the best environment risk managed the company and sincerely congratulated them. In just breaking down the parameters that we looked into, she said that OSI Group led in environmental protection, sustainable development and had an integrated approach. Mike Robinson, the British Safety Council CEO added that leadership is very important in achieving excellence. He said this to Kelly Grimwood, the OSI Group Environment Manager who was at the podium to receive the award.

About OSI Food

OSI Food Solutions is a food processor based in Chicago. It was founded in 1909 as Otto & Sons, a meat shop that has grown over time and been rebranded into OSI Group. It has become a lead supplier of food products to other renown restaurant and hospitality joints including the McDonalds. It has supplied food in various platforms including during the Summer Olympics.

To ensure food products are of high quality, it has close associations with its suppliers and has actually invested on them so that they know what the OSI Group requires. Apparently, OSI Food Solutions is not only the lead supplier of meat and value-added food substances in the United States but also has operations in other countries and continents.

Learn more: http://www.bundesverband-systemgastronomie.de/osi-food-solutions.html