Sharon Prince and Grace Farms work with Carrie Mae Weems

As a greatly influential American artist, Carrie Mae Weems has the ability to capture the power of space. Carrie recognizes the importance of taking space and she is able to present this as a portrait of taking space in today’s society.

Performing her current piece Past Tense over at Grace Farms, she challenges individuals to think of the space race, injustice, violence and inequality inhabits. With a group of highly talented artists behind her, Carrie’s words cut through and call out for people to be conscious of injustice and mindless violence running rampant.

As a visual performer, Carrie’s words and the physical work provided by the artists detail how violent people have been and how that could ultimately become our undoing. When she asks people to think about what someone else’s life is worth and how the pointless violence has to end, it can prove tougher than some can imagine.

Despite this, the message is not without a glimmer of hope that education and application can bring about true change, giving thought to those who are not us.

The scope of Carrie’s work touching on dark topics in society can be shown in the way her works for decades line up with what Sharon Prince and Grace Farms have been seeking to do around the world. Grace Farms always came with the intention to do good and spread peace to people of many backgrounds. They only continue to do so, for example, with Carrie Mae Weems performing her work and carrying out her residency within their spaces hoping to inspire others to consider those behind what they know.

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